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U.S History

Since the Precolonial era, the United States has undergone various changes. Some of the common changes included the formation of civil movements, which resulted in abolishing the slave trade. Additionally, the first and second industrial revolutions triggered minority groups, including women, Native Americans, and African Americans, to participate in activities that contributed to the growth of the American society at large (Israel, n.p). During the Industrial Revolution, American society also experienced an increase in the number of social movements that championed or the equal representation of women and men. Such changes played an influential role in changing the contemporary way of life among the Americans (Israel, n.p). The American Revolution that took place brought about different ideas and changes. This essay seeks to expound on how the various changes in American society affected their contemporary way of life.

U.S History

General Summary of Each Chapter

            According to the first chapter, before the American Revolution, the British had the strongest army and Navy. However, since George Washington had to create another army from scratch, they depended on unreliable soldiers, resulting in the U.S waging a costly war that led to the British finally giving up. However, America experienced a turning point when they engaged in the Battle of Trenton and emerged victorious towards the end of 1776. During this period, America experienced the Civil war, which included wealthy southern planters, Anglican ministers, and royal officials. Additionally, it experienced the political-social revolution characterized by the disruption of the traditional class and social relationships.

According to the second chapter, despite the American society experiencing different weakness, its performed various changes on its constitution. For instance, the Articles of Confederation created the national government to take part in essential alliances during the revolutionary war. Additionally, delegates formed a convention in Philadelphia in 1787 where they performed different ramifications on the constitution. The ratification was arrived at after getting different views from the federalists and the republicans. The Third Chapter relates to the changes in the American economy, transport, and communication sectors. During industrialization, America experienced an upsurge in new machines and technologies, and innovations. On the other hand, the last chapter relates to Jefferson’s administration and the different wars that took place. Although the Jefferson’s Administration did not dismantle everything formulated under Hamilton’s era, it repealed tax and government expenditure. Jefferson’s era was also marked by the war in Europe, which led to the implementation of the Embargo Act of 1897; after the war in 1812, it led to the formation of the Treaty of Ghent, which put an end to the war.

Text To Myself

According to the presented text, I believe a change in the industrialization, transport, and communications sector has affected my family and me in different ways. I cannot imagine how people operated in the absence of resources and technologies that would have assisted them in accomplishing various tasks easily. When industrialization takes place in any country, people tend to migrate to the areas where the changes are taking place. Based on such aspects, my family had to migrate from our rural homes and moved to a town where we could work and get materials directly from the industries. I believe this has impacted us positively by getting a source of income and quality finished materials from different industries. I believe the changes in the economic, transport, and economic sectors have had a huge impact on myself and my family since it has changed how we conduct different activities.

Text to Text

The patriot (2000) is one of the movies that can relate to the events in America during the revolution. It indicates the fierce battle between the British and American soldiers where the Americans emerged victorious. Benjamin is the main protagonist who took part in fighting the British soldiers after the war had reached his home (Stone, 88). Although the patriot tries to bring out the events that took place during the American Revolution, the movie is not historically accurate since it is loosely based on the exploits experienced by several real figures such as the British officer Banstre Tarleton (Stone, 88).

Text to the World

Over the past ten years, different changes have taken place in American society and are closely related to those that took place during the revolution. For instance, America has developed sophisticated communication and transport equipment that has helped efficiently transfer information from one place to another. Apart from the technological changes, the U.S has also participated in different civil wars, with the most recent being the Afghanistan war. Although the U.S began getting involved with Afghanistan after September 2001, its impact has been felt recently when the Taliban overthrew the government and took control of Kabul (Shapiro, n.p).  The Taliban victory, however, occurred after the U.S withdrew its troops from Afghanistan. All these changes indicate that the U.S will continue such incidents in the future.


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