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Universally Accessible Healthcare

Universally Accessible Healthcare

When I was young, I saw my family and everyone around us struggle to access healthcare. Today, I still see the same issues. Without proper healthcare, people are incapable of managing conditions and diseases that a doctor could quickly treat or easily prevent. In the worst cases, this can lead to death. Even when healthcare is accessible, its quality is not assured. Most of the hospitals in cities are extremely expensive, poorly equipped, as well as overcrowded. Waiting time can range from 4 to 7 hours. The essay writer government spending only about 0.1% of GDP on healthcare, which is exceptionally low compared to global standards. In urban areas, maternal mortality and neonatal death rates are believed to be at the highest level globally. Communicable diseases such malaria, HIV and diarrhoeal diseases are still epidemic and pose a huge threat to the wellbeing of the people and the development of the country.

Solution : Social Venture

Healthcare reform initiatives are happening everywhere in many countries, with varying levels of success. Therefore, we can learn from each other’s successes and mistakes.

1. Home Healthcare

Home healthcare is where the medical provider visits the patient’s home. It has been a huge success in other countries and has reduced healthcare costs without compromising the quality of care provided. The majority of the healthcare professionals currently work in hospital settings. With home healthcare, nurses and physicians would have more job opportunities all while bettering the healthcare system and providing affordable and quality care to patients.


– government funds + international funds ( UN & other NGOs) + Patient payment.

2. Health professional recertification

There are no requirements for physician recertification beyond the exams at the end of medical school. This is another contributing factor to poor healthcare quality. Establishing more regulation for consistent testing and recertification would greatly increase the quality of care. Physicians and nurses would receive training every two years, and they would be required to renew their medical license. This will ensure that patients would get the best health care possible. In exchange for recertification, we would ask all members to volunteer certain hours each month and treat individuals who don’t have access to healthcare.


– Hospitals would help fund recertification as part of their physicians’ ongoing education. The government would pass legislation requiring hospitals and private clinics to send their employees to get training and recertification, ensuring hospital participation, and therefore funding. Donations and fundraising could also come from working with other organizations dedicated to improving the healthcare system.

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3. Social media education

Because most of the world has some form of social media presence, hospitals and other clinics could create a Facebook page to spread information, with daily tips on how to stay healthy. Topics could include nutrition, hygiene, weight loss, and other basic things that can protect individuals from infections and other easily transmitted diseases. There could also be home exercises for posture correction, remedies for the common cold, and other easily treated illnesses. If hospitals were willing to see this as a form of advertising, they could hire a social media coordinator to create eye catching graphics and informative posts that would help their patients take better care of themselves. This might reduce the need for healthcare on a day to day basis.

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