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Discussion 6 Responses Essay Sample

Samantha Ayers: The survey tool has many ways of being interpreted. However, you mentioned, it does not allow open-ended questions, which may be required to enhance the study even further. What must be done is to engage the participants in a manner through additional testing. The importance of the survey is to maintain anonymity, which […]

Peer Reviews Essay Sample

Peer Review of Childhood Disrupted: How Violence Effect Children’s Behavior             In your research, the research question was clearly defined. If children are exposed to violence will they have behavior problems? The question was followed up with evidence from the literature. No hypothesis was stated. In the introduction, you provided data from the available literature […]

Unit VIII Journal Essay Sample

Research methods encompass so many different types of research and studies. The particular type of method that any researcher is highly dependent upon what topic and the subjects that are of interest. The most commonly employed research methods include: observational research, surveys, interviews, focus groups, experimental research, data analysis and a mixed methods research approach […]

Unit VI Journal Essay Sample

An analysis of variance, otherwise known as an ANOVA, is defined as a grouping of statistical models and their correlated calculation methods employed to analyze the significance of differences among group means within a certain sample (Sullivan, 2019). In the most basic form of this analysis, ANOVA is used as a statistical test of whether […]


Question 1 An example of a study that uses a descriptive research approach is the case study entitled “Does Internet and Computer Addiction Exist? Some Case Study Evidence” by Mark Griffiths that was done in the year 2000. The author mentioned that there were still no studies done during that time which tackled the potential […]

Resistance Training: How the Muscle Responds Essay Sample

Resistance training involves exercises that require moving or contracting our muscles against a form of resistance such as exercise equipment, gravity, or even our own weight. Examples are weightlifting, pull-downs, push-ups, chin-ups, squats, lunges, planking, crunches, leg raises, and donkey kicks. Under normal conditions, our tendons and muscles react differently depending on the resistance and […]

Ethics and Code of Conduct Essay Sample

Question 1 Ethics are the values and behaviors of individuals in a society considered as either good or bad. In every society, certain ethical codes are established to guide the value of people. In law enforcement, the application of ethics helps in analyzing what is right or wrong. In essence, it plays a critical role […]

Unit VII Journal Essay Sample

As a researcher, there are numerous steps that can and should be taken to mitigate risk of harm to human participants. The safety of human participants in a study should be of paramount concern. There have been numerous examples in the past of researchers choosing to push the limits of ethics during research involving human […]

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