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Marijuana Use and Mental Health Outcomes: College Essay Examples

Search Plan & Results Question: Does regular use of marijuana have long-term effects on mental health? Date of Literature Review March 2019 Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria: Age: Adults aged 18 and over Health status: no pre-existing mental health conditions or co-morbid conditions that increase vulnerability to mental health conditionsNutrition-related problem/condition: marijuana, but specifically edibles (edible ingestion of […]

Project Scheduling & Cost: College Essay Examples

This project entails replacing and upgrading existing appliances in a 100-unit residential complex. The essay writer goal of the project is multi-faceted. Including; providing the management company with the ability to increase rental rates, decreasing the maintenance work/cost per unit, and increasing tenants’ pride in being part of the complex.  The appliances that will be […]

Leadership Qualities: College Essay Examples

Tell us about any leadership and community engagement opportunities that you have been involved in, and how these experiences have enriched your learning. Leadership qualities are important attributes to consider when enrolling in a universitykey attributes in a successful university applicants. I believe that Components of a strong leader are:I possess these characteristics such as […]

Pan Africanism A Quest: College Essay Examples

The paper “Pan-Africanism: A Quest for Liberation and the Pursuit of a United Africa,” by Mark Malisa and Phillippa Nhengeze discusses the place that Pan-Africanism has as a political, educational and cultural movement. This essay writer movement, as the paper describes, had major lasting effects on the continent of Africa and the Diaspora. The article […]

The Corporate Addiction to Formal Education: Gaining Competitive Advantage by Creating a Culture of Knowledge Diversity: College Essay Examples

The established educational criteria for those in management and entry level positions now relies on the completion of a degree to the detriment of competitive advantage.  It is essential for employers to evaluate the positions they need filled and the employee they are hiring because a college degree is not synonymous with skill, ability, or […]

The Effectiveness of Treated Waste Tyre as a Concrete Ingredient: College Essay Examples

Concrete is one of the most important building material in the construction industry. Conventionally, it is produced using coarse and fine aggregates, water, cement, and other admixtures, which are adopted with the objective of improving strength and other specifications, such as durability. Some of the essay writer characteristics of the concrete produced using these materials […]

Obesity: College Essay Examples

The latest data from the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that as of 2014 nearly 1.9 billion adults around the world are overweight with more than 600 million of these individuals being obese (WHO 1). In fact, this essay writer problem is not isolated just to adults, the WHO also revealed that 41 million children […]

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