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I Still Haven’t Found the Tax Rate I’m Looking

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Bono appears to have been perfect in breaking his decisions on tax compliance. Bono states that the legal and the ethical standards are crucial in relevance to taxes. Bono makes no direct link to his wealth when making appeals for more aid and funding. Though it appears that there is not a problem with having a legal standard stand as also an ethical one, Bono lacks the popular vote to present the shift appropriately. The best possible option would be to open a trust fund for what his actual and potential tax payments would be according to the amount taxable. The funds left over from the outcome could assist other countries that are in financial need. If the government does not change a rule or law that a corporation wants, the corporation will have to pay more to continue operation. 

No one has the provision to compel anyone to do anything. Illustratively, in certain other situations, a business person might have more power than you or vice versa, but not as regards your voluntary interactions. Likewise, corporations have something the government wants and the government has something corporations want. But this isn’t the same as a business scenario. In this regard, there is an involuntary aspect to the relationship. If the government’s dream does not align to a corporation’s, the corporation has no option but to pay more money (Moriarty, 2021). However, if corporations fail comply with the government’s requirements, the government will force them to stop their businesses or even use force to enforce their legislation (Moriarty, 2021). Promo group in this case helps individuals and companies with high levels of income to protect the tax exposure of their income. Ethical issues on taxation exist as long as commercial activities continue. 



Moriarty, J. (2021). Business Ethics: A Contemporary Introduction. Routledge.

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