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Manufacturing and advertising firms use different methods to make the target market interested in the various goods and services. Adolescents are exploited by the fads created by the manufacturers and the advertising firms, disrupting different aspects of the teenager’s life. Adolescents are lured into purchasing products, and thus the reason why the manufacturers and advertisers use the fads to encourage adolescents to buy the goods (Schwartz et al., 2021). Therefore, adolescents use technology and target the markets to get persuaded to purchase goods and services. The fads influence the adolescent’s mind to understand the importance of the goods advertised by the manufacturers (Tatlow-Golden & Garde, 2020). Therefore, the manufacturing and advertising agencies use technology to distribute the fads that influence adolescents. 

The firms are not doing a service to the adolescents by creating the teenagers’ goods. The fads cause adolescents to develop an addiction to both goods and technology. It causes the teenagers to be obsessed and feel inferiority in their body, self-esteem, and even capability to purchase goods and services, making them go to any lengths to buy the advertised goods (Tatlow-Golden & Garde, 2020). It causes teenagers to develop bad shopping habits since the goods are readily online, affecting the patients’ health since most advertised products involve the health of teenagers. Some of the advertised products are food and clothes. The adolescent stage is a stage where children seek the community’s approval (Schwartz et al., 2021). Therefore, the fads push the children to all limits to purchase the advertised goods even through stealing money when parents cannot afford it. 

Examples of teens’ current fads and fashions are tattoos and piercings and the social media platform. Tattoos and piercings are fads that target the adolescent stage since it is considered beautiful and acceptable to the community (Schwartz et al., 2021). Also, piercings in the nose, ears, tongue, and lips are shared among the youth who the famous people influence. Social media platforms are viral since the children have internet access, therefore, being on every social media platform. The advertisements of goods and new fashion trends are done there, affecting teenagers. 



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