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For the past 15 years, I have been a volunteer who has helped address many issues with the homeless in Vancouver’s downtown Eastside. Homelessness is a major issue in nearly every municipality in the North America. This is often because of factors such as mental illness, unemployment, a lack of affordable housing and most often, addiction. Nearly every day, I see people on the streets begging for change or for food. I’d like to do whatever I can to help them, but I know the leading cause of homelessness is drug addiction. Giving money won’t help address the problem, because it is only through social work that we can generate change for these people who are often the victims of addiction. I’d like to represent these people and try to encourage the formation of laws that punish those less fortunate for their wrongs, but tries to help them overcome their adversity.

I grew up with a family who is extremely caring of those around them, and who want to do whatever they can to make a difference in the society they live. Perhaps this is why the law profession has been so engrained in to the hearts of each member of my family, and into mine. My family is the reason I have come to share in their passion for the legal field, in trying to represent people in a fair manner. I spent many hours in my father’s office and then realized that, like my father, I love to help people. But it was my grandfather who was my biggest influence. He would stop for nothing in order to represent those that no one would listen to, and to try to find a way to help them recover from their troubles

The challenges I have faced in life allow me to sympathize for those who are less fortunate. I believe that while my family is relatively affluent, I have always wanted to share my good fortune and I have been able to communicate with the needy in an effective way.

Sure enough, after spending several years volunteering with the homeless, I realized I had chosen the right path, but by becoming a lawyer to represent this needy demographic, I will be able to help them more than by just providing them with food and shelter when they are in need. After taking a social working course, training in the Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and after assisting the vast knowledge of my grandfather, who was an attorney for people who couldn’t afford much, I learned how happy I become when I make a difference in a person’s life. I learned how small talk could bring such a smile to the faces of the individuals. I eventually became close to those I was helping, and I saw how appreciative they were of my support. What a fulfilling feeling.

I should also note that I worked in community shelters throughout Vancouver, while also working as a youth at various call centers. This experience is so valuable, because I’ve gained such an immense understanding of the rules, and the relationships with people who are going through challenging times. After volunteering, I knew that I chose the right path. I have so much enthusiasm for helping the less fortunate.

Starting fresh at the ground level is the exact same path my grandfather chose, and he is the catalyst for my adventure. I feel that while my mission has been a struggle, it doesn’t compare to what he experienced during his time in a country that is not as diplomatic as our, and I think about this whenever I feel that I can’t go on. You see, my grandfather lived in a village in Europe, where people suffered immense grief. Like me, he moved from his family and took on a daunting challenge for the greater good of society.

That little girl who looked at her father working hard to represent those in need is now grown up. While social work, in general, is an intriguing career choice, the legal system is where I feel I can make the most difference in these unfortunate people’s lives, and it is a way I can speak for them and help others understand their grief. This is what inspires me the most. I believe that the experience I have already attained in this field makes me a top candidate. A large portion of my life has already been dedicated to learning about the those I want to help, and now I am ready to take the next step to making a difference.

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By Hanna Robinson

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