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Product Planning and Quality Management

Product Planning and Quality Management

According to Min (2015), the supply chain plays a vital role in the satisfaction of customers, as its end goal is a satisfied customer. Companies in the manufacturing industry should create high-quality products at reasonable costs and avail them within the requested time frames. In product manufacturing, supply chain processes and systems facilitate the transfer of raw materials into finished products (Min, 2015). In some cases, products fail to meet customers’ needs, which may be linked to failures in their supply chain processes and systems. The paper examines the processes and systems that failed when I purchased Silk strawberry yogurt.

The product failed to meet my needs because it was of a lower quality than expected. The yogurt had a soupy texture and a light flavor. In this case, the processes that might have failed in the supply chain resulting in dissatisfaction, are sourcing raw materials and manufacturing. The process of sourcing raw materials requires the consideration of quality, as this determines the final product (Min, 2015). In this case, Silk might have sourced low-quality raw materials from suppliers used to manufacture the yogurt. The transportation of these raw materials from suppliers might have also been poorly done, thereby affecting their freshness. Also, there might have been a failure in the manufacturing process. Manufacturing involves raw materials, labor input, and equipment (Min, 2015). In this case, Silk might have relied upon less-skilled workers during the product’s manufacture, which led to the low quality of the product. Also, the company might have failed to make a capital investment in equipment to enhance efficiency in manufacturing. Therefore, the dissatisfaction with the product might have been due to failure in the supply chain processes of raw materials sourcing and manufacturing.



Min, H. (2015). The essentials of supply chain management: New business concepts and applications. New York, NY: Pearson Education.

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