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As I sat in the abandoned bleachers of a high school football field, I began to think about a lack of physical education in school. Physical education is widely touted for its ability to improve circulation, raise endorphin levels, increase physical fitness, promote teamwork, decrease stress and heighten blood flow to the brain – to name a few benefits. While some experts have criticized physical activity for being unimportant to academic studies, the overwhelming majority promote the importance of keeping kids active, while experiencing many of the benefits that come along with being physically fit. This discussion is needed to bring light to the need for physical activities to be taken extremely serious by the government so that resources and standards will be applied in schools. Despite the overwhelming evidence that supports the implementation of an increase in fitness in elementary and high schools, many schools are not even meeting the current low standards for administering physical education. Physical activity is important to implement at a young age because of the numerous health and peripheral benefits, and there should be more government funding and set guidelines put towards getting students in shape.

There are enough kids out of shape to consider obesity among children an epidemic. But the problem is getting worse and something needs to be done. The increasing obesity trend is due to a higher frequency of watching television and playing video games. As the quality of entertainment increases, the motivation for kids to go outside and be active decreases. Some of the benefits of being fit speak for themselves. For example, students who are active are often more confident and have healthy friendships that are facilitated because students are participating in team sports. However, even physical activity performed on an individual level increases confidence.

Ultimately, the benefits of being active in school are overwhelming. Whether these benefits are evident when the child is still in school or if it is when they become adults, there is overwhelming evidence that supports implementing a vigorous fitness routine into the lives of teenagers and children for long- and short-term results. But in order to get to the point where our nation’s children are running, jumping, throwing and swimming their way to physical fitness, this country’s government needs to put into place targets that are impactful, targets that make it worthwhile to have physical education in the school system. In order to sculpt the minds and bodies of this nation’s youths, physical education needs to be taken seriously in schools, and not thrown out as a class that has no bearing on the mental achievements of students. Now is the time to take the evidence that has been compiled by scientists, and create an overarching strategy to help address the obesity epidemic among both the nation’s youth and of their parents, so that millions of lives can be saved and so Americans can more fully enjoy living and be happy with the way they look and, more importantly, with the way they feel. Like with ground-breaking research that has been compiled in other areas in past years, the benefits of physical activity need to be taken seriously, and, as the government did with information about global warming, government-initiated standards need to be put into place so that young people everywhere are turning off the television, dusting off that soccer ball sitting in the corner of their garage, and organizing a game at a local park. It is this kind of change that can only start at the elementary and high school level. It is at these schools where the psychology can begin to change, and the minds of children will be sharply tuned to the sounds of a referee’s whistle, or the smell of fresh-cut grass on a football field. Because when this happens, an entire society will transform.

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