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Week #4 Entry #1

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Voter ID Laws

In a close election year, voter ID’s are needed to fight against voter fraud, according to at least 30 states that have made laws that require the cards. Critics of the cards believe they are required as a method to attempt to disenfranchise voters. The article goes into an analysis of the facts leading up to the laws. According to those who oppose the laws for voter ID cards, the elderly, low-income earners and minorities aren’t as able to afford to pay for the cards. Because these demographics usually vote democratic, according to the article, there is an unfair advantage for the Republicans. These voter ID card laws are in effect in the 30 states, despite there only being several cases of people attempting to commit voter fraud.

I chose this article because I find it interesting to take a look at how the methods of voting are changing in an ever-increasing technological world. The way in which we all vote will affect the way I turn in my ballot at election time. I am somewhat surprised that the cards are the main issue right now, because online voting and other efficient ways of voting should be looked at more closely, rather than money and attention being given to ID cards. I believe there won’t be the need for any paper or plastic form or ID in the coming years, as modern forms of computer voting will begin to dominate. Also, it seems unreasonable that someone would even attempt to commit voting fraud, because the chances of their one vote really making that much of an impact are relatively slim for the amount of risk they would commit. Looking at laws and legislations to impose these types of safeguards are costly, and I believe it’s a waste of money.

Week #4 Entry #2
Obama vs. Romney 101: 6 ways they differ on health-care reform

Presidential elects Barack Obama and Mitt Romney could have shared a political perspective on health care if this was a different era. Romney actually led a fight that would require a mandatory purchase of health care insurance when he was Governor of Massachusetts. This is the same kind of requirement that Obama is now looking at for health care reform throughout the United States. However, Romney has changed his mind on the health care strategy, and he is now against the mandate, calling it a federal takeover. With health care at the center of attention in this presidential election, the views of each side are considered extremely important in deciding the next American president. The article provides a list of six areas where each candidate differs on health care.

I chose this article because it is a current issue that is just about to intensify, as America draws closer to election time. I am extremely captivated by this debate, and the pending results of the election, as the next president will essentially decide which route America will go in health care. I believe mandatory health care insurance is a good thing for the country. I have known too many people who have gone into debt because of an unexpected illness or injury that has emptied their pockets because they didn’t have insurance. Mandatory health insurance won’t be grossly expensive, but it will provide a safety net for people who can’t afford to pay for medical treatment. This type of health care plan will mean not only the rich, but also the poor will be given a fighting chance when facing a medical crisis.

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