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A Little Bit About Me
My name is XXXX. I was born and raised in Ghana, but am now a naturalized Canadian, and I believe it is possible to embrace my new nationality without forgetting about my heritage.  I am a Christian, so I have a pro-life stance toward abortion, and believe in equal rights for all and being compassionate.  This is why one of my goals in life is to obtain my Master’s in Nursing: I love to help people.  I also love to listen to people’s life stories, especially the elderly.  In pursuing my beliefs and goals I have received a B’nai Brith Award presented by Honourable Sir Lincoln Alexander for promoting cultural inclusiveness and acceptance in high school in Mississauga.  More recently I was also featured on a billboard for my employer as the Best Employee of the Year during Nurses’ Recognition Week in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  My other interests include volleyball and sewing, but in my personal life the most important thing to me is being a good mother to my children.  I would like them to grow up with an appreciation of Ghanaian culture. I have been the Master of Ceremony at the GTV Ntoma Dance Gala three times, and some day I want to have my own televised talk show in Ghana.  I hope that my children will share in both the culture and the beliefs that I love! [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

About My Culture
One part of my culture that I would like to share is my interest in Adowa dance.  This is a dance traditionally performed by the Akan people of Ghana, mainly at festivals, parties, and funerals.  I have always loved Adowa dance, because it helps keep customs and traditions alive while bringing people together.  This is part of why I participated in the Dance Gala, which occurs in Toronto and features Ghanaians abroad on Ghana’s national television.  Living in Canada, it’s easy to stay connected with my heritage and try to pass on this knowledge to my children.  [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]The Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario helps all Ghanaians living abroad in Ontario to come together and celebrate our culture.  They exist to “foster cooperation and positive relationships among the religious, ethnic, and other Ghanaian associations in the province of Ontario” (GCAO, DATE).  With this organization we can make sure that our descendants do not lose their cultural identity.  Sharing my love of Adowa dance helps to further this goal. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >


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