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This paper is designed to reflect on the results of my Nursing Information Competencies Self-Assessment, and to note what I learned about myself and how it relates to my job. I found the Nursing Informatics Competencies Self-Assessment to be very valuable at teaching me about myself, and how the various components included in the test apply to my job. In my profession, I am responsible for a considerable amount of computer work. I enter data and find information, such as medical records. My responsibilities are carried out while working in home care, which includes visiting patients in their homes, where I enter all the relevant information about them onto the computer.

The assessment gave me a score of “95,” and showed me that I am very confident that I can learn to use a computer to boost creativity while performing routine functions. The creativity aspect that the results revealed would not be effective during the data entry portion of my job, as the information is very technical and needs to adhere to a strict standard. However, that creativity could be beneficial in creating new ways to use computers to collect patient data.

Also, according to the assessment I can also recognize the unique value of using information technology in society. Coupled with my creativity, that component can offer me a way to help make advancements in electronic information gathering, which is relatively new to health care.

Nursing Informatics Competency Goals

Goal 1: To explore and learn about tele-health and the ways it can be incorporated into health care within three years. This is an important area of study, and I know there is progress that can be made to ensuring the best patient outcomes are met, based on this new system. I hope to be a part of the progress.

Goal 2: To learn various types of information systems used within health care institutions. Due to the early stage of electronic health records, there has not been one way proven more efficient over the others. For this reason, I think it is important for me to explore the many options for storing patient information to find out the benefits and drawbacks of each practice.

Goal 3: To learn different information about website design and development within 2 years. This area of study has been extremely important for more than a decade, and I believe it can provide a way for patients to access their personal health information on the web. This could save a considerable amount of administrative costs to the health care system.

Goal 4: To research community health information networks and develop a plan on integrating it in patients’ teaching within a year. It is very important to ensure that all necessary people are educated on the networks so that proper delivery is carried out.

Goal 5: To get proficient in PowerPoint presentations within 3 years. I find PowerPoints can be very effective at giving people the information they need in a very short time, and I’d like to become an expert in this area.

This experience was extremely valuable because it allowed me to understand myself more, and to see how I fit into the development of electronic health information systems. I am now confident that I will play a part in the progress of this field.

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