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Organization and Administration of Athletics

Organization and Administration of Athletics

I apply for the position of athletic director at ABC University as a sportsman rather than an employee seeking to get recruited and earn. I know well that responsibilities and duties are renumerated but I am convinced that what one earns should be equivalent to what they offer and deliver. The position is demanding in a prestigious university whose reputation is of greater concern across the globe. My main priority once hired would be to revitalize and rejuvenate the dwindling hopes within the university. Athletes are not only a concern to the players but also the greater institution and the community. I can see the importance each stakeholder, in this case, has given to the matter. Most students have lost interest in the department due to past leadership and I present myself as the solution to their problems. I come with attested and visionary leadership that understands the dynamics of sports within different environments. Consequently, elaborate discussion and open-mindedness would be key in reinstalling belief in our students and the community. 

Coaches and trainers just like any other academic teachers must have a greater understanding of their clients who consist of the students who in most cases are younger members of the community. Moreover, our learners require roper guidance and keen attention paid to their concerns and requests. I will be in the frontline in interacting with the students as I assess their perception and performances in the field which would translate into their academic work. Furthermore, discrimination as raised in your sentiments is another key factor in sports management that when not tamed can lead to poor performances. I subscribe to the ideals of social freedom and rights where every person is entitled to make decisions and practice what abides by their preferences. Religious and sexual choices are personal decisions that I as a manager would not be interested in since I am required to manage a team of different adults with distinct approaches to life. Thus, everyone would have the right to belong to groups of their choice since the groupings do not affect athletes. 

On matters of management, I am sure that the organization through the panel present here is aware of the need to have a formidable management structure to facilitate results. The athletic department must have a running structure that understands its policies and objectives. Through the structure, I would be able to exert my control and organizational skills such as delegation, coordination, and planning among other essential aspects of management. Every stakeholder within the athletic department would be required to have an elaborate understanding of our goals and mission as a team to avoid the collapse of targets and conflicts as we proceed. Harnessing of every opinion is equally an important part of management that the structure I long to establish will introduce so that we all feel part of the journey of transforming the institution. 

Budget is another key area in management. My duty will be to streamline operations within the department by ensuring that all programs are budgeted for and that no activity is done if not captured in the budget. Financial discipline goes with literacy and that will be my first area of the target. Failures could have emanated from little knowledge which I seek to sharpen amongst the stakeholders within the department to make athletes great again in the institution. A vision must always align with the structures in an organization and when I consider the budget allocated for the department, I remain optimistic that I will cause necessary changes in the institution.

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