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Living with disorders can be challenging in different aspects of life, including work, relationships, and social life. Particularly, co-existing mood disorders present a significant challenge in these aspects of life. The website’s simple layout has a wealth of information for every individual, family, and parent interested in learning about ADHD. CHADD was founded in 1987 in response to the frustration and sense of isolation experienced by parents and their children with ADHD (CHADD, 2019). The site provides information and teaching mechanisms by qualified personnel that can help create more understanding on the disorder and help with coping. The site provides qualified educators and volunteers training, making it acceptable for the public to educate them on ADHD. The information on the site is also readily accessible, making it easy for anyone who wants to learn about ADHD to access it. The level of trusted information is backed by its website domain. Teachers and educators looking for more teaching programs can be able to obtain the necessary information about training and programs that will help those dealing with ADHD. The site can be trusted for its content because it has been proven to be a reliable source based on effective criteria such as accuracy, authority, and currency. 

The Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) is backed by the National Resource Center on ADHD (NRC). The site contains evidence-based information about the disorder making it an instrumental source of information that the public can trust. Further information that helps convince the audience that the data provided on the site is accurate can be found in the National Resource Center on ADHD that has a complete history and cognitive plan from inception to the organization and exit from the organization. Besides, the fact that the site is funded by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) allows them permission to provide information, education, and consultation for those dealing with ADHD). According to the National Survey of Children’s Health, approximately 194,000 preschoolers have had a diagnosis of ADHD (CHADD, 2019). Information on assessments that can be done to ascertain whether an individual has ADHD, the available treatments, the diagnosis, and other issues about the disease is provided on this website, making it easy to access by the public. The site also provides the necessary information through links, making the information more notable and easy to access for accuracy. 

Additionally, the CHADD organization has been permitted to operate by the CDC, which is the nation’s health protection agency that offers assurance through scientific research. The organization has the authority to provide training programs, links, and counseling so that any negative opinions about ADHD can be dismissed (CHADD, 2019). The Board of Directors of the CHADD organization is in place to govern the information and sources used to assure all information that is presented is accurate. The organization also has a strategic board in place, called the Executive Advisory Board Members (EAB), that provides guidance for the editorial content and direction for the Attention magazine. Their expertise and credibility ensure that the magazine reflects current published science and is responsive to the needs and concerns of individuals with ADHD and their families across the lifespan. The magazine has a wealth of accurate information that meets the criteria for accuracy for those that need more support from other credible sources in addition to 

Furthermore, the website maintains currency in the information it provides for its audience. Because ADHD can permeate almost every aspect of an individual’s life, many systems come into play in the life of a person or family affected by the disorder. Therefore, the CHADD organization keeps in line with criteria accuracy. The severity of this disorder compels the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to make sure the information is updated by specific publications such as newsstands, magazines, blogs, weekly readings, podcasts, and digital boxes.  They are maintained on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis keeping the readers, followers, information seekers current with life-changing information for their family and friends (CHADD, 2019). The information provided regarding the symptoms and diagnosis of (ADHD) is held to the highest priority. It must meet the criteria currency for its many followers because outdated information can be life-changing for someone with this disorder. 

Finally, according to the information provided by the CHADD organization, it is imperative that they remain relevant to the cause because millions depend on the provided information for survival. By maintaining the website very well, they are able to have and maintain an enormous following. The use of the criteria accuracy, authority, and currency is displayed and proven to be effective for the information and structure of the website. These factors have also been instrumental in helping the organization maintain its level of success since its inception in 1987. 



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