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Time Machine

The timer traveler finds himself listening to a group of men discussing the different forms of occurrence dimensions. Both of these men hold different opinions about their beliefs and practices. Therefore, their argument is made clear through the mechanism of the miniature time machine. As a result, the time machine disappears into thin air to prove the mastery argument.

So as we all understand that Physical Time travel to the past is uncertain. Time travels into the future; outside the apparent sense of time is experienced in most phenomena, both special and general relativity. It is critical to understand the core principles that necessitate the operation of the time machine. Mechanical quantum provides insights into the true nature of time travel. To build a time machine, one must agree with the space-time, admits, and ensures closed time-like curves (Wells, 2017).

After deciding on the best idea to construct a time machine, the traveler began his work to prove what he had speculated. He is an intelligent, witty, and determined individual whose main aim is to fulfill his ambition. When he has applied all the knowledge he acquired in his entire life experience, the traveler decides to test his time machine. One week after his departure, the traveler returns in a devastating condition with dirty all over his body in rags.

The traveler still hopes for the fulfillment of his ambition, but will it work? He goes ahead to evade the underground world of the Morlocks in search of his time machine. Through this process, the traveler finds out Veena, a hole in the underground world. The behavior of the Morlocks scares travelers to enter the well because they eat meat dishes. At this point the, traveler understands why the Eloi always get out of the well in the dark.

Veena and the traveler went to a point where they recognized the existence of green porcelain, and therefore they concluded on the existence of an old museum. The traveler uses the scavenge to detect the approaching Morlocks. He then starts a big fire in the forest to protect themselves from Morlocks but unfortunately, the fire spreads out, giving the Morlocks time to surround them (Abbott, 2017).

The traveler finds his pedestrian back and opens with his time machine inside. He tries to start the time machine as the Morlocks are approaching him. The time machine starts at high speed into the future, leaving the Morlocks behind. The traveler stops at the beach to comfort himself, and he discovers the red crabs moving around him.

The traveler travels back into the present and finds his guests waiting. The guests are interested in listening to the traveler about the Morlocks. The traveler narrates his experience of the underground world.


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