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Health care executives must have a solid and positive mentor since they need inspiration and advice from time to time. Like everyone else, healthcare executives make errors and need supportive mentors to call them out and provide suggestions on improving. A mentoring program aids in the development of future healthcare executives. Employees who engage in a mentoring program feel appreciated and respected (Thessin et al., 2021). This kind of program is critical in health care and any other industry to help retain employees. My director has taken me under her wing and guided me during my time at the hospital. She has taught me a lot about our department and company, and she has encouraged me to return to school to finish my degree. There are times when healthcare executives are exhausted by projects and their daily tasks and require a simple reminder from their mentor as to why they are essential. Although that particular mentor is no longer with us, he will always have a place in my heart. She always reminds me that even if I do not always get the results I desire, I must learn to accept them and go on.

The positive impact of a great mentor on a nurse will endure a lifetime. Mentors are fantastic at giving insightful advice, direction, and support. The classmate has been fortunate enough to have mentors that have served as excellent role models for the medical profession, stressing the need for lifelong learning and leadership. A mentor may help them concentrate their efforts by establishing objectives and giving feedback. Mentors may serve as coaches and cheerleaders for medical professionals as they progress. A mentor provides a helpful connection to a mentee. A mentor becomes a mentee’s confidante, someone from whom he or she may seek advice and guidance on coping with various circumstances and how to behave or react.


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