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Project Scheduling & Cost

Project Scheduling & Cost

This project entails replacing and upgrading existing appliances in a 100-unit residential complex. The essay writer goal of the project is multi-faceted. Including; providing the management company with the ability to increase rental rates, decreasing the maintenance work/cost per unit, and increasing tenants’ pride in being part of the complex.  The appliances that will be replaced as part of the Stage 1 process are: the refrigerator, the stove, and the dishwasher. All selected appliances will be from the same brand and same price points within the brand. However, it is important to note that not all apartments are the same size. And, in the studio apartments, for example, it may be necessary to use a smaller sized version of the appliances (given space considerations). 

Cost. Schedule and Technical Performance Management

It is anticipated that the project will produce lowered repair and maintenance costs, contributing to increased overall revenues. Non-homogenous appliances throughout the complex at times lead to costly delays in the repair of devices, owing to time required to gain specific parts for use during repair. Acquisition and installation is anticipated to be the highest driver of costs during the project, though installation itself will occur during standard work hours to avoid overtime and reduce costs for the complex. Following installation of the devices, it is not anticipated that extra money will be required for gauging satisfaction with the new appliances. Beyond the initial cost of acquisition and installation, a contingency fund of $30,000 will be set aside to address future issues that may arise among the new appliances. This will make for a sum cost shared primarily between initial installation and the long-term contingency fund maintained for repairs. Regarding scheduling, beyond the initial phase of installation, there will be a six-month monitoring phase that falls within the period of the warranty during which units will be monitored to note breakdowns and acquire reimbursements based on that warranty.

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            There are objective and subjective measures for determining the outcomes of this program designed to replace the appliances within the complex. Objective measures for whether the project succeeded could be done through a simple comparison of both the frequency of repair work and the total cost of repair work. In cases where the comparison revealed reduced frequency and costs, the project would be deemed a success.

            Subjective evaluations can be taken by asking the renters how they feel about the new appliances, including ratings regarding those appliances. Appliances can be rated both before and after the installation of the new appliances to better determine the feelings of the renters regarding whether the new appliances constituted an improvement to the complex. This would also help to generally gauge whether renters were happy with their living conditions. These feelings could be surveyed without additional time investment using a simple email survey method.

Management of Small Projects- TBD


Acquisition Project Guidelines- TBD


Consensus Decision Making process- TBD



Costing Methods & Tools- TBD


Earned Value Management System- TBD


Overall Cost & Schedule Performance- TBD




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