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Finding yourself stuck in a life situation is never a nice feeling. But meditation can help you overcome the rut you are in. After all, those who meditate are never stuck. People rarely find themselves stuck when they reach out to God or their own personal creator who they believe is guiding their path.

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When trying to free yourself, it is important to ask why it is you feel stuck and how you know you are stuck. One of the reasons many people feel stuck is because those in the Western Civilization are often sold knowledge. People learn to believe that they are missing some form of knowledge, and that they need to learn from someone else. They often think that when they learn from another, the burden of responsibility will be gone and they will be able to find their path based on this “holy grail” of knowledge. However, the information that we learn should not always be considered credible. This can be difficult, because many people feel a sense of false hope after reading something that appears to be enlightening. This is the way that religions have been programmed, to recite the same message over and over, until we believe it.
All of us have learned from others what we want in life. An interesting question to ask yourself when trying to find out why you are stuck, is are we living our lives in this way because we want to, or because we feel like we need to. Are we just trying to keep up with the Jones’? Are we all greyhounds chasing after a fake rabbit that we cannot catch and eat? Are we nothing more than metaphorical donkey’s that are used to teach people how not to get stuck?

Setting goals for achievement sets us up for being stuck. This is because we have not learned the new technology that is needed to get us moving in the right direction. We could very well be stuck because of rules that have been created around us. We might also be stuck because of having limited information. What are the old theories telling us about how our lives should be progressing? Working from within to find out how we are constructed is essential to knowing how we are limiting ourselves from reaching outside of the box, and freeing ourselves from being stuck.

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