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Natural World

Natural World

The natural world does not contain human beings only but also different species of trees and animals. As a result, human beings should respect the natural world collectively, protecting not just respecting an individual animal but also the species they belong to (Taylor, 2017). Respecting nature is crucial since hurting it predisposes everyone to not enjoying the environment and a healthy ecosystem.

Human beings share with other species a common relationship with the natural world hence the need to protect it. One of the steps that could be taken is by human beings in understanding the morality of not abusing the natural world is by following the fact that they are inherently valuable and worthy of equal moral consideration. Understanding this concept will give humans insights concerning how they are superior to other species hence the need to protect it. The second step involves learning about the basic rules that guide human behavior, such as nonmaleficence. Learning these rules will help them learn about their duty not to harm any entity in the natural world since they have intrinsic work. Following these steps is key in ensuring that humans learn about the morality of taking care of the natural world and not abusing it.


Taylor, P. W. (2017). The ethics of respect for nature (pp. 249-270). Routledge.

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