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Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews

Peer Review of Childhood Disrupted: How Violence Effect Children’s Behavior

            In your research, the research question was clearly defined. If children are exposed to violence will they have behavior problems? The question was followed up with evidence from the literature. No hypothesis was stated. In the introduction, you provided data from the available literature to the support the research. It provided clear information about the purpose and goals of the research and provided background information on the topic. The variables and constructs were operationally defined. Variables in the research are behavioral problem in children and violence. Constructs were created by putting variables in measurable form. In this case, the proposed study will measure behavioral problems in children exposed to violence using a 12-month controlled study. The method is clearly defined with the exception of the type of study. Is the design a cohort study? The statistical tests suggested for the analysis is a regression model. The regression model investigates relationship which is the right type of analysis for the research. Proper APA was used in the research.

Peer Review of ADHD and the Effect of the Education of Boys

            In your research, the hypothesis was clearly stated. The hypothesis is boys with ADHD have a more difficult time academically than girls in a school setting. In the introduction, you provided information on the topic as well as information from the literature. The information provided in the introduction covered the research topics and the main ideas the research. The proposed variables in the research are boys and girls with ADHD and academic performance. Constructs were not created in a measurable form but the variables were operationally defined. The methods for the research was not provided in the introduction or the rest of the paper. A clear methods section will help clarify how the variables and constructs will be measured. No statistical test for analysis was discussed in the research but a regression model can be used to identify the relationship between ADHD, gender, and academic performance. APA format was used in the research.

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