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            It is undeniable that public relations (PR) plays a crucial role in ensuring that businesses communicate with their customers effectively. The reality is that businesses must find a way to keep their customers interested and satisfied all the time if they want to achieve sustained success because the continued support of their loyal customers will be the key towards their profitability. Some of the most successful companies in the world have taken advantage of their effective PR techniques to keep their customers connected to what they are doing, like Apple in the electronics industry, Sephora in the health and beauty industry, and Swarovski in the jewelry industry. My discovery from research and field trip observation is that these companies deal with intense competition which presents a huge challenge for them to succeed in their respective industries, but because of their effective PR techniques, they manage to remain profitable while keeping their loyal customers engaged and updated about the latest developments.


Apple is one of the best companies in the electronics industry today. When the customers go inside the Apple stores, they can be assured that they are going to have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to electronic products (Sutherland, 2012). Apple is such a dominant global company that it can afford to set up its own stores so that its customers will not have any problems in buying the Apple products that they need. Sephora is acknowledged to be a top company in the health and beauty industry. When the customers want to have access to products that will help them to take care of their bodies and look good, it is going to be an easy decision for them to go to a Sephora store. Sephora focuses mainly on products that take care and beautify the face and skin (Süphan, 2015). Finally, Swarovski is a force to be reckoned with in the jewelry industry. There is no doubt that Swarovski is one of the top stores that offer the best jewelries and fashion accessories so the people who are fond of these things will only go to its stores (Matzler, ‎Bailom, and Tschemernjak, 2007).

Point 1

            The PR technique being used by Apple is making sure that its stores can offer the complete customer experience. Apple ensures that its stores can address the needs of its customers, from being able to sell Apple products and accessories to being able to provide excellent technical support. If the customers encounter any issues about their Apple products, they can just go to the Apple store and have the peace of mind that their issues will be addressed eventually (McCann, 2011). Thus, the customers can expect that their needs and concerns will be managed effectively once they enter the Apple store. Apple prides itself in making sure that its customers will have the best experience possible whenever they are in the Apple stores especially when there are new products that have been launched which is always very exciting for the loyal customers.

Point 2

            Sephora uses the PR technique of ensuring that it is the store where customers will get all the makeup and skincare products from the best brands. There is no need for the customers who like makeup and skincare products to go anywhere else because they can be guaranteed that Sephora already has all of them (Stephens, 2013). This is where the customers should go because they will not only have access to the best and latest makeup and skincare products, but they will also have access to the best tips and recommendations coming from the experienced makeup and skincare professionals. People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to makeup and skincare products. Fortunately, the presence of the competent professionals in makeup and skincare ensures that the customers will always know what is best for them to boost their confidence by looking good and attractive all the time. Thus, Sephora ensures that it will stand out by providing a holistic experience to its customers which they will always appreciate because they are satisfied with the products and services.

Point 3

            Swarovski uses the PR technique of offering a comprehensive lineup of jewelries and fashion accessories that the customers will enjoy and appreciate. There is no point for the customers to go elsewhere when they can already find the jewelries and fashion accessories that will make them look good at Swarovski (Ramanujam and Tacke, 2016). To encourage the customers to keep on buying, Swarovski offers a Dice Pendant between 9.13-9.23 for all customers who would purchase jewelries and fashion accessories worth at least $250. This is an effective strategy by Swarovski which helps it to continue to be profitable because the customers know that they are going to get an excellent reward for making a purchase.


The effectiveness of the PR techniques of all companies mentioned cannot be doubted because they are all successful in what they are doing. The desired outcomes are consistently achieved using these techniques. Apple is one of the top companies in the electronics industry because it is just consistent in offering the best electronic products that cater to different customers. Sephora remains relevant today because it has shown the consistency in offering excellent products that make the people look good and feel good. Swarovski is on a class of its own because it has already established itself as a leading store when it comes to jewelries and fashion accessories. The crucial factor that has led to the success of these companies is the effective use of their PR strategies combined with their consistency in offering excellent products. Consistency in offering excellent products must be the same principle that these companies must apply into their marketing strategies to achieve impressive results in the long run.


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