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An Analysis of Semi-Modal Verbs: gonna, gotta, wanna

To evaluate the common areas, findings, and conclusions, every organization works under set management that oversees their projects. Again, there are set goals and aims of the companies, and they are set to be achieved by the company. Both employer and employees are working towards a common goal, making the company achieve higher goals. The companies have the different market focus to boost the advertisement of their products. 

There is task specialization in the organizations, enabling employees to give out the best in their fields and give complete service to customers. Organizations are driven mainly by decisions that are made primarily by the front-line managers. In these organizations, different types of technologies are used for communication, marketing their products, branding techniques, and selling their products online, depending on the kind of technology.

 Therefore, it very vital for every organization to operate under a specific technology due to time changes. Everything in the contemporary world is too digital, and an organization cannot operate manually. Another common thing is the organizational structure of the companies (Lotich). Different organizational structures are applied depending on the type of the company. For instance, there is the horizontal organizational structure, the vertical structure including many more formats. The systems are applied differently to determine the relationship between the employee and a customer and the employee with the front-line workers.

The organizational culture, structure regarding goal/mission

Culture is based explicitly on the centricity of customers, the engagement of the employees, quality and safety focus, effectiveness of manufacturing, and speed in terms of innovation.

To conclude, it is funny how different organizations work. Each organization has another way of operating, and that makes it achieve its goals. The different organizational structures ensure there is proper evaluation, goals, and mission are executed differently. These various organizations still have different strategies of the business culture is well achieved for a productive output.


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