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12 Angry Men


12 Angry Men is a 1957 film about a dissenting juryman in a murder trial who manages to prove to the others that the case is not evidently clear as it appeared to be in court (Lumet). The defense team and prosecution take a rest and the jury goes inside the jury room to decide if a young man is responsible for his father’s death or not. Though the outcome of the case is almost known to all, it takes an investigative path to determine the real guilty person.

12 Angry Men is probably one of the best films ever produced. It portrays justice at work and without a doubt why civilization is key in our society. Trickery of the film is that you may finish the film and assume that the defendant is not guilty but as time passes details and evidence come up and you begin to understand that there is a possibility, he might have committed the crime; the film gives a reason to give it a benefit of doubt.

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The setting of the film and the suspense makes it great. The arguments in the jury room are one of the best argument’s put on a film to this century. All the cast of the film portray their role in a masterclass way. The actors depict different types of characters majorly the wise man, and racism evidently appeared as the boy was judged based on race and class. The film is interesting as it depicts experiences happening today. It also enlightens a person on the need to weigh the available evidence before making any conclusions because things may not be how they seem. 

In conclusion, 12 Angry Men is still relevant in today’s world because justice is hard to get. Racism and classism still remain relevant issues, and much need to be done to create a world where justice is not based on a person’s race or class. 

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