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Youth Professionals Program Application

  1. Why I am Interested in the WBG YPP, and your preferred institution (IBRD, IFC, or MIGA)

The World Bank Group (WBG) and particularly International Financial Corporation IFC offers an opportunity for me to be part of something that tremendously impacts the world. Giving back is a crucial part of my values, and this has dramatically increased my interest in working for WBG. I will love working at the organization, knowing that I am making the world a better place for someone else. The IFC supports some of the world’s poorest countries, giving them a fair chance at effective health care and education. The IFC plans to deploy billions of dollars to support the economy, health, and education systems in these countries. My project management and problem-solving skills will be an asset here. The World Bank’s core goal is alleviating poverty, a noble mission that I would love to contribute to. 

Diversity and inclusion at WBG create an opportunity for me to work with people from diverse backgrounds. Diversity breeds innovation, giving me a chance to understand and learn from other people. I have read employee reviews about the organization, and I have heard much encouraging feedback from my acquaintances who have gone through the YPP. Your employees are highly motivated and love working for an employer that promotes training and education. The organization is known for being a solid exemplification of leadership, and based on my assessment; I would be a great fit. My goals align with the company’s impetus and, your company offers a unique environment for me to grow my professional skills and a chance to make something incredible even better.

  1. Why I am the Right Person for the Role

I have a Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, and Doctorate of Emergency Management from Capella University. I am passionate about empowering communities, and I have taken courses and worked with many organizations with the same goal. I am intentional about finding long-term solutions to problems faced by underprivileged communities. I am very good at integrating research into practical aid provisions, and this is because of the experience I have gained while helping out in emergency management. As the executive director of a non-profit organization, needs assessment and strategic planning is my forte. I am very good at managing and allocating limited resources, ensuring that each program runs smoothly. Being a people person has been quite beneficial when communicating with stakeholders, creating partnerships, and building capacity. 

My excellent communication skills are helpful when dealing with staff members and organization leaders from different cultural backgrounds and steering them towards achieving organizational goals.  I have had to chance to mentor, manage, and train staff in my various leadership roles. I understand this job might come with many traveling requirements; I am comfortable with that and can’t wait to learn the different cultures and languages. I am a fast and avid learner. I understand that tech skills are essential in every organization. I am fully computer literate, and I have experience in bookkeeping, grant writing, and report writing. I have professional comportment, and my referees will corroborate this.

  1. How my preferred institution and the WBG as a whole should support my clients to contain the impact of covid 19

The pandemic is not ending soon, and there is a need to drive for herd immunity. There is a need to make the vaccines available to everyone at scale. The WBG can support its partners by improving the availability of the vaccine to their less privileged partners. The pandemic has pushed many countries into recession. Some of these countries were already having a problem providing health care and were experiencing debt pressure. Suspension of these debts by the WBG allows developing countries to refocus their financial resources on the immediate COVID 19 response. The WBG and IFC can assist their partners by providing them with information on creating more sustainable economies that are more resilient in times of crisis. The IFC can also offer financial assistance to support the affected economies, thereby allowing these countries to provide monetary relief to affected businesses and reduce taxes paid by citizens. It is also essential that the World Bank builds hospitals to strengthen health systems in countries that are still in the deep of the pandemic.

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