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Gender Gap

The Time Magazine article “Five Myths about America’s Gender Gap” reports the findings of a global study on gender inequality. The article focuses on five commonly held misconceptions regarding gender equality in the United States, as debunked by a recent study on the subject. The study was released earlier this year by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) and is largely focused on the financial gains that could be seen in the United States if the gender gap can be decreased. In a best-case scenario, the U.S. could see an increase of trillions of dollars to the gross domestic product by 2025 (Ellingrud, 2016). The article looks at the study in terms of the light it can shed on why perceptions regarding gender equality are so incorrect. The authors of the article share the findings of their study and conclude by offering suggestions on how gender equality might be achieved in the United States.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The McKinsey Global Institute is funded solely by its partners, meaning their research is not influenced or controlled by any politically- or otherwise-affiliated organization. Their research methods combine economic analytic tools with insights from business leaders. They use a methodology that looks at microeconomic trends to better understand the influences of macro-level forces. Their research is global, encompassing dozens of countries and industries. (Ellingrud, 2015)

For the measurement of gender equality in the United States, MGI established ten indicators: labor-force participation rate; professional and technical jobs; leadership and managerial positions; unpaid care work; single mothers; maternal mortality; higher education; teenage pregnancy; political representation; and violence against women. The first five factors are concerned with workplace equality, while the last five cover social equality. The study and the article in Time, look to broaden the discussion of gender equality beyond the usual focus on the wage gap.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

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By looking at factors on a microeconomic level, the study was able to clearly highlight some of the social disparities that contribute to the more generalized gender gap. As mentioned in the article, gender equality in the workplace can be directly linked to gender equality in society. One key indicator of this link is the unequal sharing of unpaid work. For example, women make up 46 percent of the workforce, but are much more likely to also spend their time completing domestic tasks like child care, grocery shopping and other household chores. This is true whether or not a woman is also part of the workforce. At the same time, men spend an average of an hour more each day engaged in leisure activities of their choice.

Including data regarding both social and workplace inequality at all levels and in many arenas allows the study to provide a wider point of view than studies looking at only one aspect of a woman’s life. Though the article barely scratches the surface of the data uncovered in the study, it fairly represents the study and effectively uses it to support the arguments made in the article.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

There are many ways in which this research could be expanded. As mentioned in both the study and in the article, more data is needed regarding society disparity between the genders. For example, the study was unable to clearly measure four states fully due to a lack of data in at least one indicator: violence against women. No data is available regarding rape at the state level for Mississippi, Hawaii, South Dakota and New Jersey. Until these social indicators can be fully informed, it is impossible to get a complete picture of overall gender inequality in the United States.

Ellingrud, K., & Riefberg, V. (2016, April 7) 5 Myths about America’s gender gap. Time.

Ellingrud, K., & Madgavkar, A., & Manyika, J., & Woetzel, J., & Riefberg, V., & Krishnan, M., & Seoni, M. (2015). The Power of Parity: Advancing Women’s Equality in the United States.

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