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China holds one of the earliest systems of trade and commerce which contributed on the prosperous economic power that it is today. The civilizations and the system of trade and commerce in China started in the yellow river where the agriculture products, livestock, silk, and different materials were transported. In this regard, the socio-economic, political, and cultural history of China was dependent on these rivers and to the economic system that it integrated in the ancient societies. Moreover, almost all aspects of life in the ancient civilizations in China were motivated by economic circumstances particularly war and cultural affairs. Furthermore, China’s culture has been consistently related to poverty. Together with India, China enjoys the largest population and most prosperous economy for two millennia.
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According to Maddison (2006), until the 17th century, India was the wealthiest nation because of its strategic location. The populous nation in Asia is located near the boundaries of China and European countries particularly those in the Mediterranean hence, it forms part of the culturally rich trade route. Similar to China, the earliest civilizations and economic activities started near the river. That was why many individuals from the ancient period settled near the river banks and form their own communities. Eventually, different aspects of the Indian culture were formed in the center of the economic activities like religion, business, customs, and traditions.

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The other end of the trade route in the Eurasian continent during the early period was the Mediterranean where the prosperous ancient civilizations in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece are located. The livelihood of the ancient civilizations in the region are dependent on the sea and consequently its culture. The products were then imported to the greater part of Asia passing through the trade route which was mentioned above.

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