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Electricity Gasoline Wood Solar Natural Gas
Day 1
Lights – 6 hrs
Computers – 7 hrs
TV’s  – 2 hrs
Heating – set at  72F
Drove to the food store. 8 miles total None None Cooking (1hr)
Day 2
Lights – 6 hrs
Computers-16 hrs
TV – 3 hrs
Heating –set  at 72 F
Laundry – washed 3 loads
Drove to the pharmacy and food store 11 miles total. None None Cooking (1 hr)
Dryer- 2hrs
Day 3
Lights – 6 hrs
Computers- 2 hrs
Heating – set at 72 F
Drove to pick mum from place of work and to the food store. 11 miles total None None
3- day cost estimate (optional)
Divide monthly bills (30-day cost) by 10 to get an average
$27.50 $29 $0 $0 $4.17

I will be adjusting the thermostat to 63F while no one is in the house to minimize the energy use. I have realized that it consumes most of my energy whenever no one is in the house. Most of the situations in which people are not in the house include when I am in school and headed to pick my mother from her place of work. I believe that making this adjustment will be effective as it will mean lower energy use by the time I get back to the house. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]
Watching Television
I have been watching the television until late night, and this could form part of the high-energy bill served to the house. With an effort to reduce the energy costs, I intend to start switching off the television whenever I am not watching it in addition to reducing the overall television watching hours. I feel that watching television three hours a day should be limited as I have other electronic gadgets such as a tablet and laptop. I could use these electronic devices as alternatives to the television given the fact that they rely on stored power rather than direct connection to electricity. I also noticed that my television is analog and lacks the automatic switch off option. I intend to deal with this by upgrading to a newer model with an energy saving feature and the automatic turn off option.

I am making many trips picking my mother and to the food store and I feel that this increases my fuel expenses. The ideal way to achieve this would be by collecting food in bulk and storing it in the house. This would reduce the average mileage covered on a daily basis to acquire foodstuff. Instead of picking my mother from work on a daily basis, she could just carpool with her workmates. This way, I will get to reduce the fuel expenses associated with picking her from her workplace. In addition, she will only get to use the family car on the day when she drives her coworkers to work. In this case, if she gets to carpool with her friends then I could just pass by the stores and buy food on my way home. This way, I could take advantage of the drive from school and stock up the fridge with a week’s long food.

Upon the analysis of the house chores, I noticed some activities that consume lots of energy such as laundry and lighting among many others. The washing machine has the energy saving sticker, but I still feel that I could do more to save on energy. The ideal way to accomplish this would be by choosing a single day for doing all laundry to ensure it utilizes water and energy for all clothes. I feel that this will not only save on the time but the energy consumed by the washing machine as well. This laundry will include the clothes of all family members so that the energy saving is maximized. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Energy saving light bulbs
The use of LED light bulbs has proved energy efficient, and that would make a perfect replacement for my existent incandescent light bulbs. My high electricity bills could be attributed to the use of incandescent bulbs as I have seen advertisements that state the new LED bulbs consume lower energy as compared to the incandescent bulb designs. I have been noting many offers at the supermarket attributed to the go green movement, and this would be important in helping me achieve this goal.


As one might see, these changes are likely to make substantial changes to the energy expenses in the household. They will not only change the expenses in the short term but the long term as well. These changes will also aid in making this household part of the green revolution in which energy resources are conserved.
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