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1.) I had some initial concerns about the readings and videos since I was unfamiliar with the contents and did not know where I would initially go to so that I could find them. To resolve this issue, I went straight to and typed in the names of all readings and videos to check if I could find their equivalent online or if I needed to purchase them from a local bookstore.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

My online search did yield some results since I was able to find some of the videos online and a few of the readings via the local library’s online catalog. However, some of the required readings were not available for free, so I needed to order a few of them. They should be arriving sometime within the next few days via Fedex or USPS which is a bit of an inconvenience really since I am stuck at home while waiting for them to arrive. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

I highly recommend that, for future students, the school provide a method for people to easily access or acquire the needed readings and videos. Aside from this, after going over the page count for the different readings involved, they see to be rather extensive and could cut into my other classes. It is likely that I would need to allocate some time over the next few weekends just for these readings alone since my weekdays are likely to be too busy for me to have a few hours to go over them in peace.

2.) I believe that the most rewarding of the different course requirements listed will be the 10 hours of pastoral conversations with an elder family member. I have always enjoyed talking to people older than myself since they have kernels of wisdom from their past that make me look at the world in a different way whenever I take what they say to heart. I do have a concern regarding the potential scheduling conflict that these conversations would have, though.

Is there a way for us to have at least two class-free days where we can allocate those hours to accomplishing this task? I know this may seem like a rather large request but due to my other academic obligations, I am unlikely to have the needed free time to accomplish the necessary amount of hours. When it comes to what is potentially the most challenging for me, the genogram tool is probably going to be the hardest to accomplish.

I have never actually made one before, and I know so little about the subject that I am likely to have some initial issues with it. I will probably be relying on Google a lot for this particular requirement so that I could get the necessary basics on what I should do and how I could go about doing it correctly.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Peer Response # 1
While you do have a point that the genogram tool is likely to be interesting to make, I would like it if some examples from previous classes were provided for us to take a look at. To be honest, I do not go through personal introspection that much and, as such, knowing how particular aspects of my personality impact my decisions is likely to fly over my head. I will do my best though and figure it out as I go along. I hope that the teacher will be providing a sample of a previous student’s work for us to draw inspiration from for our genogram tool. It would be greatly appreciated if one were provided.

Peer Response # 2
Based on the responses I have read so far, I believe that I speak for the rest of the class in stating that there should have been a much easier way for us to get the required readings. While I do understand the necessity of having to search for these materials on our own, some of us have jobs, families and a variety of other obligations that would cut into our search times.

Having to wait for some of the readings to physically arrive cuts into my busy schedule and may cause me to miss out on some of my classes if the order tracking schedule indicates that the packages will arrive at the same time as one of my classes.

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