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The Use of Technology to Enhance Student’s Writing Skills

The Use of Technology to Enhance Student’s Writing Skills


Literacy is made up of various components, one of them being writing which is used in daily activities to communicate our feelings and thoughts. Over the decades, there has been a massive transformation in writing which have significantly affected the way students write. New technological forms are erupting every day which are integrated into the daily running of the students. This growth in technology goes hand in hand with informatization, making technology play an imperative role in learning the student and modern social life. Therefore, this paper elucidates how students understand current research in language art and the effectiveness of this information in bolstering their craft and writing skills.

Language art is very vital for the student as it helps in cementing the strong foundation for both academic writing and reading for the student. This art focuses on communication skills, writing, and reading, where the learner is introduced to phonetics instructions and then taken to complex technical instructions in the later stages. Also, this art sharpens the critical thinking of the students to enable them to process the information they receive, empowering their crafting capabilities. Language art is basically taught through text where students are supposed to work through various projects and subjects and give the analysis of the variety of subjects. Hence it guides the students skill to get a theme within the texts then connecting it with other texts and theories in languages (Nguyen, 2021).  Therefore, this art prepares the students for hefty projects concerning the crafting work as the student has obtained literacy skills.

The current advancement in technology has changed the fundamentals of writing. This procedurals part has been triggered by the capability of different software to detect the fundamental errors in the literature work. Some of these fundamental errors include spell checking, plagiarism checking and grammar checking which are detected more accurate and faster due to advancement in technology. Most of these tools for spelling checking, grammar checking, plagiarism checking, and mistake detection are available online, thus making the research of the student relatively simple. The student is able to write a research work that is free from grammatical mistakes that is also free from plagiarism (Hughes, 2019). When the student has full knowledge on the tools such as Grammarly, which is used for checking grammar mistakes, and Quetext that used for checking plagiarism helps them to enhance their craft and produce original craft.

Students use the currents technological tools to develop rubrics and prompts during their language art. Over the decades, students have been developing rubrics and from scratch, which is tedious and has a lot of work. When the student is learning a new skill, the rubric is termed as one of the key success as the student has to come up with a specific and a complete set of expectations for any portion of writing they are creating. The current research has bolstered the making of good rubrics and prompts as the using of prompts and rubrics should be taken as an engaging an active form of learning since the artistic students use rubrics as a way of reflecting, analyzing, and improving their language and research work (Hughes, 2019). Therefore, tools such as rubric creator and common Lit are very significant in the creation of prompts and responding to any question related to language, thus enhancing the crafting style of the students.

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Technology has enhanced writing and collaboration through the use of computerized writing. The emergence of the computers came up with the word processor as the only writing method that has faced tremendous change with time since this internet connected device has become standard tools in schools and offices. Most of the writing is done collaboratively where the numbers of people are involved; for instance, books are well-read and revised by editors before their published. Students do a lot of collaboration in the classroom during writing to enhance their skills in a more computerized manner. Computers allow writing on different platforms; for instance, Evernote that allows the student or write on the web, tablet, or desktop, and Notion enhances collaboration in writing and project management. Computerized writing has made the writing of the students relatively easy and efficient, thus bolstering their crafting skills.

Technology has enhanced the ability of the students to receive feedback concerning their artistic work in the language art. Language art is the improvement and the study of the art of the language that comprises of different modes such as writing, reading, speaking, as well as listening. The knowledge and skills captured in this language arts aim at preparing students for real-life projects and solving the real-life challenges that are affecting society. Students use these skills to enhance their communication, collaboration, critical thinking as well as creativity which are crucial for success in the student’s life. Critical thinking makes the learners develop new artistical products during daily projects, while creativity helps the student not only develop artistic products but also come up with new artistical products. Hence this knowledge and skills help in bolstering the crafting skills of the learners.

Notably, the current researcher has come up with thematic sites that are imperative in bolstering the writing skills of the learner.  The worldwide web comprises of many thematic sites dedicated to boost and educate the learner in improving the language. These sites were developed by different researchers on language where different service gives different techniques for the mastery of the materials. As such, they have different structures and approaches to learning and doing exercises (Farris, & Werderich, 2019). When a student utilizes the learning resources in these thematic sites, they will definitely bolster their understanding in the in the craft. Therefore, these online exercise and tests offer a unique opportunity to the student to discover their weak points in their crafting work and develop various strategies to improve on their weaknesses.

Technology advancements have led to the emergence of the audiobook. This refers to the recording of any work or a book that is read aloud. Audiobooks help in educating the students who encounter challenges in placing punctuation marks since they can read as they listen to the audio. Those books which have a high-quality recording with beautiful pronunciation and correctly delivered speech acts as the source of information to many students who are willing to boost their language arts (Ames, 2021). For instance, students who understand the effectiveness of audiobooks use fiction records to listen, thus bolstering their cultural development, which enhances their critical thinking. Therefore, having adequate knowledge of these books enhances the capability of the language arts on the students boosting their craft skills.

The Use of Technology to Enhance Student’s Writing Skills

The emergence of eBooks has availed an opportunity for students to enhance their language skills. When a student is carrying out a report, it is nearly impossible for the student to carry the uncountable number of books with him. This has been standing out as the main challenge to the students in the language arts when doing their crafting projects. As such, technology has availed a solution to this challenge by availing eBook where one is able to store them and use them conveniently at the desired time. This is very convenient to the students since they can conveniently carry out their research, hence acquiring more knowledge in the crafting work (Troy, 2021). Therefore, when doing research, students can acquire more knowledge that can bring transformation in the body of knowledge in language arts by coming up with new crafting projects.

The advancement in technology has made social media a crucial platform in uncovering the purpose of writing. Over the decades, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have stood to be very imperative in providing resources concerning language to students. In these platforms’ information is availed based on the category on the student’s competency where it ranges from the beginner level to the advanced level. The students who understand the effectiveness of these platforms enroll in different classes to gain the skill that will bolster their artistic work. For instance, YouTube has different channels where one can learn different skills concerning the language and even ask a question where the response is availed on time (TeachThought Staff, 2021). As such, social media platforms make those students who have adequate information on the usage of these platforms competent in their language art.

In conclusion, technological advancement has changed the way of doing things, making them relatively easier for everyone to handle. Knowledge in technology stands out as an opportunity for the students during their daily learning since they can access the required information through the internet. The advancement in technology has led to various tools that are essential for students to learn language art and bolster their crafting knowledge. The language arts equip the student with writing, reading, and critical thinking skills, which are substantial. Tools such as ebooks provide adequate materials that enable the student to get the required information about language art easily. Also, audiobooks make the students who have challenges in punctuations and pronunciation when reading get the correct pronunciation of the words bolstering their knowledge. Notably, social media such as YouTube avails the essential information concerning the language arts, thus enhancing the knowledge of the learners. Therefore, the student who has a great understanding of these tools will use the information to enhance his knowledge in the crafting, thus adding significant knowledge to the body of existing language about teaching the English language.


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