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The 21st century has marked growth in technology use, and it promises to see an additional step towards the same. People have become so reliant on technology, and that shows why this millennium is known as the Technology Era. Many people have argued that technology has had its boons and banes, and this is true based on the facts presented by both sides. This technological phase is marked with more than just the use of machines. People now have equipment used in different sectors. Governments, schools, hospitals, industries and even businesses now rely on businesses to deliver goods and services to their target populations. This documentary was produced by Rachel Dretzin studies the effects of the internet on different people and the current level of this predicament. It would be significant to note that the internet marks one of the greatest leaps in technology and people have embraced this in different parts of the world. This raises the question as to whether internet addiction has managed to affect people unknowingly and the effectiveness of the Internet Free Centers in South Korea.

According to Rachel, South Korea is one of the most affected nations. The most affected categories of persons in South Korea are children. The ages of these children vary but then they are all addicted to the online gaming. The South Korean government has come up with Free Internet Rescue camps in which people are rehabilitated. What makes the situation even worse is the presence of gaming cybers. These business places are booming with all computer rows parked with mainly Korean teenagers and younger working population. Many studies have been carried out on the ability of people to use the internet for different options. Some people argue that the internet has enabled them to perform different activities within a shorter time. Even the older people admit that they can now accomplish more tasks with the use of the internet than they could have done in the past. This is seen when a couple in the video admits that they can now go on vacations and know everything that takes place back at home. In the past, people were unable to do so, and that meant the leaving of a person (family friend) to ensure everything is kept safe. Now, people can just install security systems in their houses and monitor everything while away.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

This documentary shares many interesting parts that would make any person raise multiple questions. When a study is conducted on the ability of people to multitask while using the internet, the results are unexpected. It shows that the involved persons were slower when it came to switching and took a relatively longer time adjusting to the new activities. Some of the examples provided to show such an example is when someone is writing a script on their Personal Computer and then switches to use Google to satisfy a risen curiosity on a different subject. Another instance is where students use the internet in class to help them understand new concepts instead of asking the same from the lecturer. In this case, the student is likely to stop listening to the lecture and concentrate on the new information from Google. The lecturer’s statements confirm this by confirming that the questions set on the student’s exam were basic questions that any student would have easily passed. However, the average score was 75%, which is very low for the Stanford University.

Another interesting part is the fact that the human brain is more active when using Google than when using books for research. One would assume that when reading books, one has to concentrate more on all pages and chapters to find the specified content while this is not the case. The researcher argues that the brain is more active while using Google because the brain has not fully understood the manner in which it operates. This does not make sense especially given the fact that many people assume that the use of Google and Wikipedia gives students a shallow depth of reading. Even many students could easily use the findings of this study to prove to a majority of the critic lecturers that the use of the internet for study purposes is actually good for their mental health.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The oddest part of the different studies in this documentary is when people fail to understand how the digital platform took over their lives. The example of a woman whose finds all her family members using different electronic gadgets. It makes very little sense for people to claim that they never noticed the digital platforms taking over their homes. Even while considering their lives, the takeover has been progressive. For instance, when trains were discovered, people were happy that they could traverse a large part of America. This shows people accepting technology in the transport sector. Later on, the electric trains were introduced, and people marked this as an accomplishment. The fact that people always accept the new inventions then later claim that technology has taken over their lives is odd. Even in the case of the woman in the documentary that her husband and older son using laptops and other children using her iPhone shows that she has been ignorant. It is obvious that she once used the landline telephones for communication and later upgraded to her current iPhone. Many people upgrade to smartphones due to the added features such as cameras and internet access. For the case of laptops, people used Macintosh in the past but have changed to use laptops because of better performance.

Another odd instance, when a researcher conducts a study to test the ability of people to multitask and how effective they would be in engaging in the provided tasks. The irony of this study is that it relies on technology while attempting to prove that internet and use of digital gadgets is actually harmful and limits people’s potential in doing different things. The mere aspect that the results have been digitized shows that the digital era cannot be eradicated since even the persons engaged in enlightening people on its effects still rely on it for research purposes. Even the lecturer that states that the digital era negatively affects students also contradicts himself by using the same platforms to lecture the students. One would ask whether there are any negative effects that the same digital platforms affect his lecturing skills. This creates much room for controversy in as far as his statement is concerned.

The Effectiveness of South Korea’s Internet Free Centers
While the South Korean government admits that Internet addiction is a problem in South Korea, one would wonder the effectiveness of the Internet Free Center camps. The use of therapeutic approach towards solving the internet addiction issue is South Korea appears to be effective. According to Montag (2015), states that the use of Neuroscientific and Therapeutical approaches would best suit the affected persons of South Korea (Montag & Reuter, 2015). It is argued that Internet Addiction is purely psychological, and such people have to be approached in a manner that provides them with an ideal environment. In this case, the Internet Free Centers usually provide people with a room in which they have no access to cell phones or any other gadget that would help them gain access to online gaming.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Once people have been subjected to such an environment, they will then be engaged in talks. All persons are supposed to contribute towards the talks by sharing their personal experiences. The main factor is for people with a common issue to help each other find a solution to their online gaming addiction. The reason behind the sharing of experiences is to help people understand and admit their situation. Some people always argue that they are not addicts and go ahead to compare themselves with some who show extreme signs of addiction (DRETZIN & RUSHKOFF, 2010).


Therefore, South Korea is most affected, and this shows why the documentary chose to use it for most examples. The introduction of Internet Free Centers is likely to help to change the situation and make people productive once again. For instance, the documentary shows a mother that is losing her son to online gaming addiction. Even after being enrolled to the Center, he shows no signs of interest but this is likely to change once he admits that he is an addict. The good thing is that he has accepted to attend the center sessions. On the case of how people claim that the Digital Era has crept up on them is not logical since all development tends to be progressive. By constantly upgrading our systems, we accept the use of different digital platforms, and this includes in our homes too. This documentary relates to the previous MCBS courses in it shows the value of internet usage in different classes. This is reflected in the fact that it dominates different school aspects such as student online portals. In addition, it also shows the effects of multitasking when it comes to classwork. From a personal perspective, I expect the digital era to keep growing and we as the users have to understand the limits to which we can rely on the different digital platforms.


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