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Ladies and gentlemen, it is a delight to stand before you this morning to present my thoughts concerning poetry. It is amazing the power that this form of literature holds and its effect on people, making me concur with the idea that poetry is having a moment. This fact is evident following the article published by the Guardian newspaper titled, The Guardian view on Poetry in a pandemic. The article points out various instances where poetry has created immense feelings in people’s hearts. It is only in poetry that one can manage to create a mood that resonates with what the entire globe is passing during this moment. In other words, a poet has the power to capture the universe through a choice of words and allow the audience to visualize it in their vivid imagination. 

           For instance, let’s look at the poem “Nature” written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in 1878. The poem creates a moment when we all have to leave this world. Longfellow likens the moment to when a mother leads her child to bed though the child may not be willing to sleep. However, they have no choice but to follow the instructions given by the parents. They fall asleep as they stare at the broken toys lying on the floor. Longfellow states that exactly what happens when death comes to take us. This poem makes me realize that we cannot fight nature since we must follow the direction it dictates us to follow. Basically, I develop the whole conception in my mind and visualize the moments as if they were a reality. From my point of view, I believe poetry can act as a form of inspiration for filmmakers based on the fact that they communicate creative ideas that people would appreciate visualizing in movies. I believe poetry is a great avenue that can take the film industry to the next level. Thank you.

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By Sandra Arlington

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