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Recommendation Letter

Dear USCIS officer:

This letter is provided in support of Mr. Erickson’s candidacy for “National Interest Waiver” to acquire permanent citizenship in the United States.

I am presently a senior nuclear engineer at National Government Agency. I have been in nuclear engineering for about twenty-five years. I received a doctoral degree from Harvard University. I worked as a professor at various universities-Berkeley and Massachusetts of Institute of Technology and a researcher at national institutions. I have served as a reviewer in nuclear engineering journals. My current work in National Government Agency is to monitor and develop new detector technologies applied in a space mission.

I never personally interacted with or mentored the petitioner but I came to know him through his distinguished paper available in Reliability Engineering and System Safety in early 2013. His approach brings original new techniques referred to as “integrated techniques” for development of intensive, advanced sensor networks for a complex power plant system. These techniques have been considered more powerful than the current normal techniques in terms of systemizing sequences of required task, promoting the completion of sensor networks development, advanced instrumentation technique to extend problem-solving coverage of the monitoring system and disintegrating the complexity of complex target systems for determination of condition monitoring parameters.

The application of these new techniques will support the development of sensor networks at the design stages of a nuclear power plant. This unique experience is very promising in designing a modern manufacturing system and monitoring system in another type of power plant. I have cited some of his work in my publications. Even other researchers across the world have been quoting the petitioner’s work. Lately, a journal named “Expert system with Application” was printed. This journal comprises 25 sections. In sub-section of chapter 12 (monitoring system in a nuclear power plant), the author applies the petitioner’s technique called the state-of-the-art spectral conditions monitoring technique which was published in 2016. After intensive research, the writer discovered that the petitioner’s technique is the first one for ensuring that an operational decision is made according to corroborated diagnostic information, thereby eventually resulting in considerable financial gain.

I would be a privilege to have Mr. Erickson in my research group due to the distinguished contributions he has made in Korea by developing Bayesian Inference Network-based advisory systems for functional obtainability focused diagnosis of a comprehensive power plant system. These systems are considered powerful than the current systems in terms of model refinement, knowledge representation, systematic decision making, uncertainty management, inference mechanism and complexity management.  Both deterministic and probabilistic operational advice provided from the Bayesian inference network-based advisory systems can facilitate more complex operations of nuclear power plants since most current monitoring systems in the nuclear power plants have been constructed for safety concerns. Assessing from the petitioner’s evidence of his outstanding performance, I strongly judge that his productivity is unusual and that he will be a useful asset of the United States, therefore, proposing that he be accorded permanent citizenship.

I strongly feel that if the petitioner is given a full opportunity to continue his current research and development projects in the United States, it would be of great benefit to nuclear science and the United States in general. His research is needed for the development of high-level nuclear power plant monitoring and diagnostic system and absolutely in the national interest of the United States as well as in light of convalescing U.S economy. In case of any additional assistance in aid of the petitioner’s application, please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely yours,

Peter M. Williamson

Senior Nuclear Engineer

National Government Agency

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