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Re: Residence Status; Reference # TB2018 3010 7578

Wameka Shayin

805 – 134 York Street

Ottawa, ON K1N 1K8


Jonquière Tax Centre

2251 René-Lévesque Boulevard

Jonquière, Saguenay-Lac-Saint Jean G7S 5J2


2022 MARCH 22


Re: Residence Status; Reference # TB2018 3010 7578


Dear Jean-Luc Otis:


I am in receipt of your correspondence dated October 29, 2021, in which you requested an explanation and further information about my residence status in relation to the administration of tax credit programs offered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). I also acknowledge receipt of your subsequent correspondence dated December 21, 2021.

I was born in Toronto, Ontario. However, in March 2007, I moved with my family to Nova Scotia because my father received employment in that province. I remained a resident of Nova Scotia from that time until I graduated high school in 2018, and moved to Ottawa, Ontario to pursue post-secondary studies as a full-time student.

Since beginning my studies in Ottawa during the fall of 2018, I have remained a resident of Ontario. In my first year of post-secondary studies, I lived in an on-campus student residence. I lived in this residence for the duration of the academic year, or eight months. After this point, I moved into an off-campus condo in Ottawa to allow me to continue to pursue my post-secondary studies. 

As I am a post-secondary student from another province (Nova Scotia), I believe that I am only considered a temporary resident of Ontario.  

I was born in Toronto, Ontario, and, as such, I was immediately eligible to receive an Ontario health card. However, upon moving to Nova Scotia and living there for most of my life, that Ontario health card obviously expired. My health coverage since moving to Nova Scotia was received in Nova Scotia.

Since I have been living in Ontario to pursue post-secondary studies, I applied for a new health card. I was eligible to apply for a new Ontario health card because (a) I was born in Ontario, and (b) I have lived in Ontario for a period greater than six consecutive months. 

As a returning student, I was able to get a new Ontario health card and can receive OHIP coverage in Ontario on that basis. I submitted my old, expired health card to Service Ontario and was granted a temporary health card as a returning resident. 

Overall, I have been living in Ontario since 2018 because I am a post-secondary student. My familial ties continue to be with Nova Scotia because my immediate family live there. I currently receive health coverage through OHIP in Ontario simply as a returning student, and was eligible for this because I was born in Ontario.

My status in Ontario is as a student, but my permanent residence continues to be Nova Scotia. Also, my living situation with addresses and corresponding dates for each address is enclosed on the form that was sent to me with your October 29, 2021 correspondence.


I hope that this explains my current status to your satisfaction. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information or clarification.



Wameka Shayin

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