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Business entities are usually started with long-term prospects. Different managements hold the hopes of prolonged survival of business on their performances which are also dependent on how they achieve their goals. Since every entity has its goals and objectives, operations are geared towards the effective realization of such goals that create sustainability and long-term survival. Illustratively, as managers strive to attain excellence, they make sure that the objectives are met and the key performance indicators match the desires of the entity in question (Kobushko et al., 2020). Different organizational objectives have distinct goals used to achieve them. Also, each process has a related key performance indicator that is deployed as a change agent (Kobushko et al., 2020). Consequently, processes, tools, objectives, and performance indicators are not separable along the chain as they all have a common target in managing success in an entity.  

Slam Corp as a global sports practitioner is not left behind in the urge to conduct performance analysis using the key performance indicators, processes and tools, and objectives from within. The organization just like any other business entity in its pursuit to attract more clients and offer quality products relies on its data to conduct assessments that enable it to cause necessary adjustments and changes. Slam Corp (2022) states that the company is targeting a leading role in the sports industry by becoming an established leader in sports, entertainment, media, health through the use of technology for future growth. To achieve this mission and target, the corporation intends to conduct a performance evaluation process to facilitate better working relationships, promote communication and avail feedback about performance. Thus, to ensure the existence of credible and flowing information sources, the entity considers the strategy an effective way of harnessing professional development. 


Slam Corp intends to be a giant in the sport, health, and entertainment industry by offering quality products through its value creation platform. Notably, the entity plans to use its entrepreneurial expertise to woe the globe (Slam Corp, 2021). In its bid, the management relies on the process of assembling a project team to implement a new, faster online system for receiving customer orders. The process would go alongside the tool order management system where the project team structure is staffed with order management subject matter experts as the key drivers. The use of this process forms a credible foundation where the company can consolidate all its goals and objectives and align them with the available resources and qualifications of the experts recruited for the process. With the desire to improve fulfillment time as the key performance indicator and increase the delivery speed as the objective, the project team should be formed to work on technology that will promote sales and access to customers (Liu et al., 2018). As a result, technology becomes an integral part of communication within the team created. 

Establishing a project team that works to improve customers’ delivery and orders as a strategic approach towards expanding the business base and gaining international recognition is an aim of the entity. Elsewhere, using qualified management personnel seals possible weaknesses that arise due to incompetence of the employees. Slam Corp would be advantaged through the use of the process and tool since the qualified staff is suitable for the quality, efficient and reliable communication channel. Reaching customers across the world requires a modern communication network that works smoothly under the influence of informed knowledge and awareness (Suankaewmanee et al., 2018). Fulfilling timely demand for product delivery will be possible when the network within the team is formidable and sustainable for growth. Consequently, the entity will be enabled to increase deliveries within shortened times since technological advancements that are enhanced by the project team lead to wider consumer bases. Widened bases results in flowing orders that when appropriately responded to promote deliveries. The company is set for exceptional results through the tool and process making the objective realizable and the analysis becomes successful.  

The business objective that the company picks will be useful in determining the success of the performance analysis process in different ways. The ability to meet the objectives and satisfy the goals outlined in the organization’s work plan is the first indication that Slam Corp is benefiting from the objectives it pointed out. If the entity can reduce the time used in reaching a specific number of clients, it can prove to have benefited from the objectives. Additionally, an increment in revenue value shows that the firm has had a successful campaign with its objectives. Having a higher number of customers within a given time which is a positive deviation justifies that the company has met its goals thereby forming a benchmarking point for the management. An organization’s goal must usually align with its culture and operational practices and principles. The employees would be able to embrace every process adopted for successful implementation. Performance is raised while every employee struggles to realize the reasons for recruitment and the entity can meet its goals while satisfying its objectives. 

CIT Summary Report

Slam Corp has three main key performance indicators. Order fulfillment, retaining the number of customers, and a rise in revenue base are indicators that the company strives to realize. The management is determined to achieve the three key indicators through the use of some processes and tools. To ensure that the key performance indicators are met, the management would create new operational structures that ensure collaboration marketing and sales operations, assemble project and cross-sectional teams that oversee project implementation. Moreover, the tools needed for the process are customer relationship management system, e-commerce or order management system, weekly meetings partnered with consistent and frequent collaboration between business functional teams, order management system, project team structure staffed with order management subject matter experts. Additionally, the supply chain and sales managers update the sales team’s process for new customers to include a focused effort to encourage new customers to use the e-commerce store to place their orders as another process that the company may deploy in its successful strategy. The strategies are important in the realization of the company’s dreams and the management will be in the frontline in conducting coordination that ensures compatibility with every wing to function towards the same goal. 

Slam’s performance approach is considered an important tool for identifying the financial strengths and client’s responsiveness and weaknesses of an entity. The analysis helps give possible weaknesses while also pointing out necessary corrective measures to eradicate weaknesses and thus improve the overall performance of the institution. The analysis is a crucial study that has been conducted to examine the performance and sustainability of the firm both in the short and long term. The rate of response as shown by the employees is improved and the clients remain satisfied due to the adjustment initiated by the management. Additionally, the profit per employee is likely to improve with the use of the processes and tools in the process which is an indication of a flowing and positive channel instituted. Achieving progressive goals and mission calls for the corporation to conduct a performance evaluation process to facilitate better working relationships, promote communication and avail feedback about performance which is replicated through the relationship created between the corporation and the employees. The use of this analytical technique forms a basic foundation where the company can consolidate its desired goals and objectives and align them with the priorities in their best orders of preferences. 

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies Assignment

Sporting entities always look for ways to improve their performance and this has been made easier with the introduction and increasing availability of modern technologies and smart devices used to measure and analyze performance. Several publications reflect the wide range of available approaches and technologies, as well as the growing interest in various sports which has resulted in concentrated systematic publications of performance analysis tools and methods. An enhanced focus on performance data, analysis tools, and performance analysis methods gives a predictable outcome that could be used in giving the final position of the company about its progress. The analysis reveals several findings where in some cases expertise involvement and technological implication lead to reduced time of engagement and a higher number of clients. Additionally, the formation of the cross-sectional project team is a fine structure that promotes the specification of jobs done and satisfaction to the customers who are the major concern of the corporation. Thus, the key performance indicators in this case are effectively used alongside objectives, processes, and tools to assess the performance of an organization.  



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