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A nation built on Pakistan’s founding fathers’ ideas has become a reality, but it has fallen apart in little over half a century. Pakistan has experienced great triumphs, but also terrible defeats ever since its conception and all the way to today. While up against the United Kingdom’s divide and rule strategy, the Muslims of united India responded with their “Divided We Fall” theory. This would eventually help them to secure their Pakistan homeland.

Pakistan was supposed to be a promised land, a land of purity, a land for all the Muslims of the sub-continent of India to live, a land where the rights of minorities were guaranteed. It is where all citizens were supposed to be equal in the eyes of the law and where separation of church and state (?) was the only way to run the affairs of this newly born nation – a nation where democracy was to be adopted and military was to be at the borders. Alas, the dream shattered.

Sixty-five years after its formation, Pakistan has proven that time travel is possible. Monstrous financial debt, a dying educational system, extreme poverty, military rules, judicial activism, government corruption, extremism, cross-border terrorism, international interference, overpopulation and unemployment – these are a few of the many evils that this country is now facing, not to mention the loss of East Pakistan in the first 25 years.

Countries like China, Korea and Malaysia, all formed after Pakistan’s independence, have made headways in world politics, scientific progress and financial stability. So what is it that those countries have that we don’t? A will to prosper? Creation of clear aims? An ideology or binding force? Training of a large army? We once had it all, but we never stopped travelling back in time. So what do we have that others don’t? It must be the class system, rulers and the people being ruled, equality in the elite, and justice not for all. But maybe it’s the culture versus the agriculture, or illiteracy against civilization. Why are there so many hurdles, pitfalls and names? Let’s call it “feudalism,” the mother of all evil.

Now is the time to decide if we want to secure our existence or simply give up. We need to discover whether we are a living nation or just a noisy crowd. We must craft our thoughts in line with Altaf Hussain’s diagnosis and prognosis. The only way forward is through the rule of the common class. If we adopt such ideals, we may survive. But if we don’t, we’re stuck in the past.

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