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I have learned and grown so much throughout my journey in medicine. This past year of clinical rotations has not only sharpened my clinical judgment, but it has also helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. Each rotation taught me a different set of clinical skills while at the same time strengthening the skills that I have acquired from previous rotations. Specifically, the diversity in patient population and patient care in Family Medicine is what attracted me to this specialty. I am excited to be trained to manage a spectrum of medicine for adults, children, OB/GYN, and procedural options. I also enjoy the continuity of care and patient education that primary care is built upon in a community setting. I believe that with my determination, work ethic, teamwork and clinical skills, I will be able to thrive in this program.

I strongly believe in the notion that prevention is better than treatment whenever feasible. Patient education plays a significant role in patient management, and it is one of the skills that I paid additional attention to throughout my clinical rotation. Mainly, this is because it thrive in challenging tasks. In addition to my team’s explanations, I often practiced explaining the disorder and the rationale behind our recommendations to the patients during my personal time. Even the steps on how to use the incentive spirometer after surgery requires patient education, though it does come with written instructions. I learned to not assume that patients would intuitively figure things out, because I have seen many patients use it incorrectly by blowing into the spirometer or doing a short, rapid inhalation instead of giving a proper smooth and slow inhalation to prevent atelectasis.

One of the experiences that solidified my desire to pursue Family Medicine actually took place during my Psychiatric rotation. I was sent to see a 27-year-old female who was admitted to the medicine service for gastroparesis. Despite multiple attempts to help her open up to me, the patient was reluctant to offer information about herself. In the past 2 years, she was admitted at least 20 times for the same reason. This raised many questions. More than 2 years ago, her type 1 DM used to be controlled. What changed? With the patient’s consent, I called her mother to investigate. In addition to the illness progression, her mother revealed that the patient’s 2-year-old son had died in a car accident about 2 years ago. The baby’s father was driving under the influence of alcohol and failed to restrain the baby’s car seat. Since the accident, the patient’s health deteriorated; she became depressed and isolated herself at home. This made me realize she needed more attention than just symptomatic treatment for gastroparesis. I discussed the findings with my attending and the team.  As a result, we recommended the primary team order an official psychiatry consult, which would address the source of the patient’s health deterioration more accurately. From this case, I learned that treating patients is not isolated to physical symptoms. A care assessment of the patient relies on communication and discerning a complete history.

The idea of a holistic approach to treating a patient is what draws me to Family Medicine. The skills that I hope to learn in your program will allow me to make more sophisticated assessments of my patients’ needs and provide them with the best possible level of care. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to grow, not just as a physician, but as a member of your team.

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