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The Great Depression

Storming of the United States Capital

The 1929 Great Depression was an exceedingly nastiest financial recession in current history. For working and average families, the previous era referred to as the “roaring 20s” remained a period of comparative prosperity. While there was an economic boom, new inventions facilitated consumerism and freedom. However, the subsequent financial recession overwhelmingly impacted American families’ day-by-day life, in manners vast and trivial. 

Living in the US during the Great Depression implied either being jobless and, if fortunate to be working, it implied slashed wages or decreased overtime hours. Even being employed as an upper working-class expert was not any better; salaries dropped by close to 50%. Families accepted another degree of thriftiness in everyday life. Small Kitchen farms were tilled, torn garments repaired, and forewent watching films as everyone secretly attempted to hold possession of the car or house. Most people attempted to maintain average looks life while adjusting to new monetary conditions. 

Families survived on cheese and macaroni, chili, flaked beef on toast, and soups. During the era, through radio broadcasting and magazines, homeowners were shown ways to extend food expenses with a cooking pot and one-pot dishes. Men were abruptly incapable of providing for the families, and the pressure of monetary strain suffered mental damage. In 1933, the public self-destruction rate increased significantly. Being in marriage was not easy either; spouses never dared divorcing even though the Marriages were not working; however, desertions expanded. A few men abandoned the families due to humiliation or disappointment. Living as a youth during this era meant leaving home to search for a job when things got more formidable; thus, many ended up in criminal activities.

Churches regularly prepared whatever was available for all, turning into a mainstream approach of sharing food and a modest type of community entertainment. Frequently, individuals decided to invest energy at home because they could no longer afford the expensive recreation exercises.  Neighbors got together to play a game of cards and table games like Monopoly and Scrabble—all presented and became famous in the 1930s. Prior to the Depression, visiting the film theater was significant; however, subsequent to the economic crisis, less Americans managed the extravagance expense.

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