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Social Structure and Social Interaction

Status Set

  Status Label (Ascribed, Achieved, or Master)
1.   Chef/Cook Achieved
2.   Project Manager Achieved
3.   Uncle/Great Uncle Ascribed
4.   Church Head Usher Ascribed
5.   National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Master


The status that has been chosen from the list is that of an uncle, an ascribed status. Various roles are associated with this status of being an uncle. First, I am supposed to serve as a confidante and a trusted adviser to my nephews and nieces. The role requires me to create an environment where these children can feel comfortable talking to me about issues they would find challenging discussing with their parents. The role was learned through the observing interactions between older people who were in the same status with their nephews and nieces. Also, I am supposed to be a role model for my nephews and nieces. My way of living should teach them more about life. My parents encouraged me to be a role model and this meant that I had to learn this through practice. As an uncle, I am supposed to be my nephews’ or nieces’ playmate as this helps in the development of their interests and hobbies. The role was learned through interactions with my first nephews and nieces.

Role Conflict

I have experienced conflict because of the two different roles of the uncle status and the chef status. As an uncle, I am expected to be a playmate to my nephews and nieces as this allows them to develop their hobbies and interests. On the other hand, as a chef, I am supposed to prepare high-quality dishes. However, there was a day I was supposed to perform the duty of a chef at a local restaurant while one of my brothers had organized a day out with his children. The two roles clashed because they were characterized by different expectations, all of which were important.

I had to identify ways to resolve the conflict associated with the two different roles. I tried to talk to the people involved in both roles that are the restaurant’s management and my brother. It was challenging to come with a solution to the conflict, as both roles were demanding. I asked my brother if it was possible to reschedule the day to another one. He told me that the children would be disappointed as they were excited to spend the day with their favorite uncle. The management of the restaurant also stated how important that day was, as some guests would visit the restaurant and the presence of an experienced chef would be important. I engaged in both active listening and trying to seek common ground. I listened to both parties and presented my conflicting situation to them. From the conversations I had, it was evident that the management of the restaurant understood the important role that uncles play in the lives of children and asked if it was possible to source another chef under my guidance. I used various active listening skills to resolve the conflict. For instance, I paid attention to both the restaurant’s management and my brother as they spoke about the possible solutions to the conflict. Also, I provided feedback to the restaurant’s management and my brother concerning their proposed solutions to the conflict. Lastly, I responded appropriately to their concerns.

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