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Essay Outline-Old Man and the Sea

Essay Outline-Old Man and the Sea


  • Ernest Hemingway’s novel, ‘The Old Man and the Sea,’ presents the story of Santiago, who is aged and appears frail.
  • Most fishers and Manolin parents disregard him for his fruitless life, as he has not caught fish for almost three months.
  • Manolin parents go to the extremes of directing their son to go fishing on a different fishing boat.
  • The essay writer novel ends in vast hopelessness, but Santiago’s desire and hope shines.  
  • Santiago’s struggles and desire to keep trying represents unwavering determination.

Body Paragraph 1

  • Santiago’s story is filled with determination, despite his constant struggles since he carries on with fishing despite despising and pity from other fishers.
  • Many fishers would ridicule or feel sad upon seeing him. 
  • When Santiago and Manolin sit at the Terrace, most fishers make fun of Santiago while others feel sad (Hemingway, 1952 2).
  • Santiago still hopes to go out fishing the next day.
  • Santiago is a determined fisher despite ridicule and pitying from other fishers.

Body Paragraph 2

  • Santiago’s determination is unwavering even though Manolin’s parents disregard him and encourage their son to seek alternative fishing boats.
  • The older adult’s fruitless efforts have resulted in disrespect from Manolin’s parents.
  • After forty days without a catch, Manolin’s parents tell the boy that Santiago is the worst of unlucky, and he should change boats (Hemingway, 1952 1).
  • Even after Santiago learns the move, he is still carrying on with the fishing, and Mandolin encourages him.
  • Therefore, Santiago’s desire to keep trying is too strong for Manolin’s parents to halt.

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Body Paragraph 3

  • Despite the tragedy after a promising catch, Santiago’s willpower is still alive.
  • On the eighty-fifth day, Santiago catches a huge sardine and felt happy about his lucky catch, despite a struggle to manage its weight (Hemingway, 1952 42).
  • However, he losses the catch to sharks that have been trailing the sardine’s blood. 
  • The loss hits hard, as the older adult had hoped to emerge victorious after the long wait, but he is still determined since dreams about lions.
  • Despite the loss, Santiago remains determined, as his mind still holds on to things that inspire him from the past. 


  • Santiago’s story is one filled with determination.
  • He is a fruitless fisherman for a long time.
  • He still fishes despite ridicule and pitying from other fishers.
  • Even after Mandolin’s parents discourage him from working with Santiago, the older adult carries on with fishing.
  • Despite the tragic loss, after a promising catch, Santiago continues to hold onto things that revive his hopes. 
  • The will to achieve desired outcomes should be as persistent as Santiago illustrates, for instance, in the country’s efforts to achieve racial equality.
  • Perseverance and persistence should overpower the desire to give up.


Hemingway, E. (1952). The old man and the sea.

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