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In the response to the two girls, I’d like to tell them why I won’t be able to accept them as tenants in my house.


The students want a place to stay when they are attending school. They have a pet with them, a bird. They say it won’t cause problems, and that it isn’t really even a pet, but I know of many birds that are pets, and they are messy and noisy. I need to let them know that is one of the reasons why they can’t move in. They are also going to have many church people coming to the home, it sounds like. I won’t tell them that is a reason not to let them move in.


In the message, I want to tell them that they will not be able to stay in the suite. I will try to be as polite as possible, while referencing their bird, and car that leaks. While the church friends may not seem like they will cause a disturbance, I am concerned that they will. The students seem to have several issues, to which they are very honest, but they are issues nonetheless. I’ll let them know that. Despite whether the students believe they are nuisances or not, they are. Bird are noisy and messy, cars that leak are messy and stinky, and church friends can be just as loud as atheist friends. They need to know this, but I’ll be gentle.


The audience is two students that seem desperate for a place to live. I want to be as open and honest as possible because they need to know why they can’t live in my house. However, I want to make sure that I am not too harsh about my reasoning why I won’t let them stay here. The students are new to the city and would benefit in knowing what types of pets are acceptable (none), and what kinds of vehicles are acceptable (air cared). Also, the city hasn’t give special privilege to people of faith since the 1800s, perhaps.


After I send them the message, I would like Martha and Whitney not to contact me again. I likely have several people wanting to view the apartment, and I don’t want to procrastinate on Martha and Whitney. I’m afraid that if they respond, I’ll just become annoyed with them, as they will likely try to plead their case about that bird and car. In the effort to be time-efficient, I’d like them just to say “Thanks,” or not respond at all.


I will deliver the message in an email. That is the most time-efficient way to do things. A text would be OK if the message was short, but I want to inform them about my reasoning for not allowing them to stay, and the best way to do that is through an email. A letter doesn’t make sense, as it takes too long to mail, and other messages, such as a Facebook message, doesn’t work because I likely don’t have them on Facebook.


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