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In his essay, Robertson Davis alludes that the pleasures of love do not manifest in flings, one night stands or affairs; instead, it only manifests in those that have been married for a significant period. He does not suggest that marriage results in such a state, in fact, he even mentioned that many married couples had not experienced the pleasures of love. It is more accurate to say that the pleasures of love come about through an understanding of the person that you are married to. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

One way of analyzing the work of Davis is through the historical Greek categorization of love into eros, philia, agape and storge. Eros, passionate love, is what Davis correlates with flings and one night stands. It is full of passion and eroticism but ultimately fades quickly and has no lasting impact. For Davis, the pleasure of love is similar to storge where there is a deep sense of love and affection for an individual as a result of their time together.

Davis does have a good point since researchers such as Mullins, Brackett, McKenzie, and Djamba (2012) have proven that elderly couples have a much lower rate of divorce when compared to their younger counterparts. This is supposedly due to a significant level of affection that an old couple has developed for each other wherein their spouse has become an entrenched aspect of how they view life and the way they live in it (Mullins, Brackett, McKenzie, & Djamba, 2012). However, it cannot be stated that Davis is one hundred percent accurate with his statements since everyone views the concept of love differently.

From the perspective of Davis the pleasure of love develops over time; however, this opinion is shaped based on his bias towards that particular form of love. There are individuals who are perfectly satisfied with short-term relationships and derive their own personal definition of “the pleasure of love” from it. As such, while it is true that a long-term marriage does result in a couple developing a deep affection for each other, it cannot be stated that this is the “be all and end all” for how the pleasure of love should be defined.

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