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The health sector has equally benefited from technology. Technology has been employed in the health sector in many ways. Health Informatics refers to the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of healthcare information with the aim of fostering better collaboration among patients and the health care providers. This framework is usually evidence based, and that means it relies on research to determine the cause of issues. In this case, there are different problems facing the implementation of the reforms. These include the slow manner in which people adapted to the system, having a very short time to adapt to the changes, and the reluctance of three physicians to use the system.

Current Issues associated with the Reforms
Slow manner in adopting the reforms
Based on the scenario, it is evident that people took a long time to adapt to the system. The fact that some people are still learning to use the new system still shows why this problem is likely to become persistent. It would be evident to make the query that if the section of the staff that was willing took a very long time then how it could be made better. This needs to consider the fact that some people are willing to learn how to use the system. The study should find ways of ensuring this section of the staff easily adapts with the system.

Limited Time for Implementation
All these changes are expected to take place within three years, and that has proved to be a problem. This is probably due to the difference in people’s experiences while considering technology. The use of health informatics system relies on computers and different software. The fact that people have a difference in understanding also poses a problem in this scenario. Even though some people would be willing to use the system, they will rely on the help of other staff. In addition, based on the scenario, the system is being implemented gradually, and that is likely to complicate the health services. It would be impossible for some section of the hospital to adopt using the system while other relied on the older entry methods.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Reluctance by the Three Physicians
The fact that three physicians appear to oppose the new CPOE shows a challenge in the successful implementation of this system. Physicians play an influential role in such a hospital, and the fact that they are unwilling to participate makes it a big issue. With their influential role, they could easily sabotage operations among the junior staff. This explains why it this case has some nurses feel as if they are caught in a dilemma.

Cost Influences of Protein Bars

Based on these different issues with the CPOE, many recommendations could be made to make the situation better. A better situation is defined by a hospital in which all section of the staff adapts the use of CPOE, and positive results are seen based on service delivery.

The use of different vendors
The use of different vendors will ensure that the different departments have efficient systems (HIMMS, 2013). This is based on the fact that the laboratory cannot operate on the same system as the pharmacy. The hospital management will need to look for different vendors and then decide on the best programs, based on the different departments. Such a system will ensure that all members of staff have the chance to find a system to which they could easily adapt. From a practical point of view, the accounts departments could have a program that is based on financial elements while the laboratory use programs with a lot of editorial input. That would make training the staff easier as they would have programs with which they are familiar. Even though the system needs to have different vendors, they should still be linked so that people in different departments can access whatever information needed. In addition, this will enable the integration of the system to different departments within the stated three-year deadline.

Merging the Informatics System between the two medical centers
The use of different vendors should also consider the fact that two hospitals are merging. This means that there will be a huge amount of data to be stored in the process (Practice Fusion, 2016). The system should be able to integrate the data from the two medical centers for efficient service provision. For instance, should a patient visit one center after using the other in the past, the nurses or physicians should be in a position to pull their records from the system. This will improve efficiency, as that is one of the reasons behind the integration of a CPOE. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Conducting a Training Program for the CPOE
Upon the use of different vendors, it would be advisable for the hospital to conduct a training session for different departments (Tulenko, Settle, & Bailey, 2016). The case study shows the management adopting the use of this system categorically according to the departments. For instance, with the upcoming integration of CPOE in the ICU and pediatrics and obstetrics units should involve training sessions for all staff. Engaging in this would ensure none of the staff claims they are unable to use the system. If this were to be implemented in the department in which the three physicians are found then they would not have the excuse of relying on their nurses for entry of orders into the system.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The history and development of Health Informatics have involved many changes to offer medical centers the effective systems witnessed in the modern world. The use of different vendors will ensure that all departments find a system with which they can use. While using these different vendors, it is vital that the system messages have a high degree of optionality. This means that the different departments should have their specially designed system while being able to share data. Training is also a vital part of a successful system. In this scenario, the three physicians could claim that they are not familiar with the system. However, when trained, they are likely to appreciate the ease with which they will be operating. Given the fact that this arrangement is based on the merging of two medical centers, data management would be vital to quality service delivery. Patients should be able to access similar services in the two centers. With an efficient system, the hospital staff should be able to access data and find records on any patient. Time is also an important aspect of the integration of this system. Provided the management considers the use of different vendors then that could make the different departments accomplish the use of the system in less than three years. This means it would turn the limited time issue to an opportunity.

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