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In The Washington Post, the election announcement is biased towards the victor Donald Trump (Tumulty, Rucker, & Gearan, 2016). The bias comes out due to the manner in which the media praises Donald Trump and vilifies his opponent Hillary Clinton. From the first paragraph, the report outlines how Trump had defied expectations and grown in stature during the campaign period. The report goes on to outline that Hillary had lost due to the fact that voters were unable to trust her and fed up with the political system. As it has later turned out, Clinton actually won the majority vote. As a result, the media house seems to have been so engrossed in dishing out praises for the victor that they did not take time to review the facts.

The report published by The New York Times contains no bias. The headline itself does not seem to scream neither in a congratulatory message to the victor nor a vilification of the loser. The headline simply states “Presidential Election Results: Donald J. Trump Wins”. The report then goes on to show how each state voted, and the swing states (The New York Times, 2016). The report also shows the changes in terms of voting that has taken place since 2012. In fact, apart from the headline, the rest of the information is presented in a maps and graphs. The absence of a long commentary is very effective as it removes any human sound or misinterpretation that would have introduced bias in the report. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The BBC news report is not biased. The report simply reports that Trump had won and goes on to explain five reasons why Donald Trump had won the elections. The coverage outlines that Trump had defied odds from the day he started his campaign more than a year ago to win the elections in November. The report outlines several reasons for his victory ranging from: a white wave of voters, his perspective as an outsider, the controversies that enveloped him, his comic factor and his trust in his instincts (Zurcher, Anthony; BBC, 2016). This report by the BBC media outlet basically reports the election results and presents the bare facts that had led Trump to a victory and categorized them into five classes. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The Telegraph seems to be biased towards Clinton, the loser in the election results based on the headline and other issues explored. First of all, the media house reports the victory to have been a shock, meaning that the election was expected to have been won by Clinton. The headline oozes of disappointment and some a tint of bitterness. The headline reads “US Election Results: The maps and analysis that explain Donald Trump’s shock victory to become President.” There is also a sense of disappointment in the report when the report announces that Clinton had a higher share of the popular vote than the victor and also winning Pennsylvania (Kirk, Scott, & Graham, 2016). [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

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