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To The Integrated Health Care Team

The Hospital for Sick Children

 555 University Ave, 

Toronto, ON M5G 1X8, Canada

From Social Service Assistant

Hospital for the Sick Children




Dear Team Members

RE: Hiring the Clown

I would like to bring to your attention the above-mentioned subject. First, allow me to appreciate the work that has been ongoing in the facility that has seen us be a model comprehensive care facility for faster adaptation of children seeking our services. 

Considering our social position as a health facility and my role as a social assistant responsible for community integration, I have observed challenges from our recovering children who should be discharged and recover fully at home under the watch of other professionals. It is in this line that I wish to inform you of my resolution to hire Claris the clown. Most of the young patients get confused and overwhelmed when I explain to them the need for physiotherapy and home nursing after their recovery and the types of practitioners who will be attending to them. Therefore, I have decided to hire a clown who will be responsible for informing them in the modest and simplest mechanisms possible to enable them to understand the necessities. 

Thus, I feel that it is important to inform you about the change for effective management and cooperation. 

Looking forward to hearing any complement, suggestions, issues, or questions on the same.

Yours in service

Social Service Assistant


To: Vinya

From: Kara

Subject: Response and Explanation

Hello Vinya

I am glad to respond to your email and to address your concern. It is good that you have appreciated the mistake that you made despite the complaint that you have raised about the tone. I commend you for the bold step but advice you not to be forwarding confidential communications between you and other employees. Angela might have been wrong for using a tone you did not like but forwarding her text instead of submitting your complaint is unfair. 

Kindly use the right protocols in handling issues

Thank you.

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