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Whether or not to sanction gay marriage has become an intense political debate, especially over the last decade. In his essay “Gay Marriages: Make Them Legal,” Thomas B. Stoddard argues in favor of gay marriages – saying it is a fundamental personal freedom, not one that should be controlled by the government – and I support his stance. In Lisa Schiffren’s “Gay Marriage, an Oxymoron,” she argues that same-sex marriage can’t be understood by society.

She says marriage needs to keep with the tradition of being between a man and women. I believe this way if thinking is backwards and simpleminded. Generally, the public is becoming more accepting of people’s sexual orientation. As the blind dominance of Christianity has waned over the years, there has become a greater culture of accepting those with differences. Christianity, as the reader likely knows, has been in steady opposition of homosexuals since the religion really took a stranglehold on society around the fall of the Roman Empire in 500AD. But, gradually, Realism has taken hold as the dominant way of thinking, and society has become more practical in its way of contemplating the acceptance of whether homosexuals should not only be welcomed in society, but be allowed to marry each other. Instead of condemning homosexuals to burn for eternity in the “hot oils of hell,” as Christianity would condone, they should be given the same freedoms as heterosexuals because it is in line with evolutionary logical thinking, it preserves an evolutionary trend towards acceptance and it doesn’t go against any fundamental reasoning from which marriage was designed.

As Stoddard points out, all 50 states outlaw gay marriages; however, it should be noted that since his writing, six states have legalized gay marriage. These include, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa and two Native American tribal jurisdictions. California briefly allowed same-sex marriage in 2008. The steady progress is a sign that areas of the United States is evolving. Just as laws that condemned people to torture for blasphemy have been ruled out, so too will laws distaining the practice of gay marriage. Furthermore, “If tradition were the only measure, most states would still limit matrimony to partners of the same race,” (Stoddard 722).

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On the irrational side of the equation, Schiffren argues that “’Same-sex marriage” is inherently incompatible with our culture’s understanding of the institution,” (724). I believe that this “culture” to which Schiffren refers is made up of racist, prejudice, unintelligent, irrational, discriminatory people who are likely Christians, as Schiffren likely is. The culture I come from consists of loving, accepting, rational, intelligent people who use logical thinking as their guiding force.

Schiffren claims that marriage is “a lifelong compact between a man and woman committed to sexual exclusivity and the creation and nurture of offspring,” (724). However, as our friend Stoddard points out, “states would forbid marriage between those who, by reason of age or infertility, cannot have children, as well as those who elect not to,” (722). In pointing out that marriage is not designed for the purpose of procreation, Stoddard completely refutes Schiffren’s claim that marriage is designed to nurture offspring.

It is important, for the overall well-being of each member of society, to embrace differences as long as they don’t hinder the happiness of a logical person. I say “logical” because some people are harmed by gay marriage – but these people believe, for illogical reasons that may or may not be controlled by the inaccurate garbage that is spewed by the Bible, that same-sex marriage is somehow harmful to society. I have yet to see why the love between two people shouldn’t supersede the grief a person causes themselves because of their blind hatred. Discrimination against gay marriage is only the remnants of the dwindling Christian belief system that is falling to the wayside of rational acceptance.


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