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On January 22, I decided to visit Saint Mark’s Catholic Church located in Shoreline, Washington. The initial reason that I decided to visit this church was that my brother already worships here, so I attended the second service of the day. I was immediately welcomed inside the church’s foyer, which took the shape of a large dome. Christian icons were painted along the walls of the church.
I began to notice several things that filled me with a sense of respect and reverence for the church as I continued deeper inside. For example, the vast majority of people were dressed in their best clothes, and they took the time to go immediately to the prominent statue of Jesus to bow and kiss it. Before long, there was a massive crowd, much larger than I believed would be in attendance. Next, the choir began to sing and the entire congregation was on its feet, watching as the priest came into view with his green vestment. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The actual church service started with the priest reading selected verses of the Bible, one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament. These readings were followed by the priest interpreting the scripture, a process called exegesis, and then relating the issues from the text to our lives today. The simplest interpretation of the message of the day was for Christians to truly focus on the things in life that matter the most instead of extraneous details.

The preaching aspect of the church visit was very exciting because the priest spoke with such passion about the topic of what matters that I could tell that his enthusiasm was genuine. The message of “Lord help me to know who I am, Show me whom I am to be” was positively etched in my mind for the days that followed the service as a result of the highly energetic priest. After the preaching was finished, it was time for the priest to take part in the invocation, where the elemental transformation would occur. While he was preparing the elements for consumption, we took part in confession and began to fall in line to receive the body and blood of Christ. This is a part of the Catholic Church service that is often seen as unusual, where the parishioner eats bread soaked in wine that symbolizes the individual taking Christ within them. This was performed near the church sanctuary, and the earlier feelings of holiness and reverence had a sense of duty added to them at this portion of the service. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Overall, I felt as though the trip to Saint Mark’s Catholic Church did a great deal to remind me of the time when I was a very devoted teenager. I found that the procession and choir were simply beautiful elements of the service. The charismatic and attentive priest helped to attract a diverse group of people for the services, making everyone feel welcome within the building. In fact, the priest was the most unique element of the entire service because he focused on applications to the modern day in an educational manner rather than the accusative one that many priests tend to take. The fact that he produced his prayers from the lectionary means that he had chosen this Sunday to deliver that particular message. This helped make the sermon and prayers seem even more purposeful and impactful.  I felt as though I had not been away from church services for very long during this visit, although that is not the true reality of my situation. Still, I could not help but feel that other denominations of Christianity could benefit from the time and care that is put into every service instead of merely rushing through prayers and sermons as though they were not important. That being said, it was good to be back in church, even for a single sermon.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

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