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What are the three most important cultural, economic, social, political, or religious changes during what historians call the “Long Nineteenth Century” in Europe and what were the implications of these for the future development of the region in the twentieth century?

The period is defined by Eric Hobsbawm, who was a British Marxist author and historian. It lasts from 1789 to 1914. This timeframe accommodates loosely the boundaries by which the period began and ended, but because political events take time to mature and grow, and they do not simply end abruptly, this timeline only marks the general period of the Long Nineteenth Century. The beginning marks the starting point of the French Revolution and ends at the beginning of the First World War. Three of the most important components of the Long Nineteenth Century are the demographic changes, the introduction of journalism, and the onslaught of the telegraph.

The demographic changes are partially evidenced by the rapid population growth, particularly in Egypt, which increased from 4.5 million in 1800, to nearly 10 million at the end of the 19th century, (Toledano, n.d.). Furthermore, the introduction of journalism was another major event that changed the social dynamic of societies throughout the world. Newspapers provided a form of checks and balances to those who ruled, and it was a major part of giving society a new way to create democracy. Journalism kept those in power in check, and provided a voice for the people. Finally, the onslaught of the telegraph made a major social impact that broke down many barriers. This new way of communicating was truly a social force that would mark true beginning of the global market. This accented the level of group activity for which the period is known. It developed a common purpose among the people, (Toledano, n.d.).

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