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Legal and Ethical Issues in Security Management

Legal and Ethical Issues in Security Management

The evolution of private security firms in the US has been favored by several factors. The first reason is the law police ratio that has made many firms opt for private security firms for protection (Krahmann, 2017). The other reason is the rising criminal cases that go unnoticed by the police force making many firms institute their security mechanisms. Similarly, increased concern about private safety has raised alarm considering the low police to people ratio making people opt for private security (Krahmann, 2017). The fourth reason for the rise in private security firms is the rise in events that may not be sustained by the police force. The public opts for improvised security mechanisms as a means of protecting themselves (Krahmann, 2017). Additionally, urbanization is another reason for the rise of private firms in the US since it contributes to increment in population pilling pressure on the security body thereby pushing for the introduction of alternative mechanisms. 

The future of private security firms is open and bright owing to the continuity of modernization. The continuity of modernization means the police force will not be able to address personal securities and private firms’ security concerns that led to the rise of these private entities. The position means that the private security institutions will continue to scale to the future. Additionally, the threat posed by terrorism and other security challenges imply that the nation will continue embracing and supporting these private firms as an alternative and as backup options capable of responding to emergency cases. The government will recognize the efforts of these firms and offer an enabling environment for their survival. Also, the need to tame criminal offenses under joint operations and from the performances noted from these firms, their future is bright for they have proved pivotal in combating crime on behalf of the government. As a result, their future looks assured for continued support and assistance that they give to the people and the government. 

The main reason that favors the growth and rise of Longwood Security Inc. in New England is their association with the government security and fire departments that ensure that they attract the trust of the public (Longwood, 2021). Additionally, the firm has been strategic in its approach to gaining the support of the public through prompt response making it a reliable security firm that is adored by members of the public (Longwood, 2021). Moreover, the entity is the recognition that it gives the employees through effective rewards and promotion (Longwood, 2021). The strategy makes the firm establish a strong foundation for security by motivating the employees to work harder, with honesty, and diligence (Longwood, 2021). Also, the firm uses the strategy is the incorporation of technology in its security approaches. The firm has built trust in its services through modernization that has placed it as a security firm of choice. 

My values for a security firm when I become an entrepreneur in the industry will be to offer a reliable service to the community through openness, integrity, availability, respect, and accountability. I will ensure that my company is available when required for security responses, serve the people with utmost integrity, and openness. Moreover, I hope to build a firm that respects society and is accountable. My mission would be to provide excellent security services that would make people assured of their peace of mind as they remain comfortable about their security and that of their property for a unified community. 



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