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I have come to learn a lot about the basics of writing by using several sentences and paragraphs to make a page. While I have dreamed of more chances, my experience in writing an essay has often been minimal, as I lack creativity, no matter how many papers I engage in writing. I remember in high school, I spent a long time looking to write a story to save my life and failed in the attempt even after sitting for several hours. In an attempt to help, my mother would make me tell her the story out so could get the paper. This resulted in my frustration in English and History as I was unable to efficiently write a paper. I was never taught how to write a good paper, and the teachers would give me a title with instructions on the paper format but never through the writing process of developing the idea, having a thesis, and hook. Therefore, I decided to use my advantage, which was associated with talking. My inability to know when to start often made me unable to get it down on paper. 

Struggle in High School           

I had to struggle with this problem in high school and later moved to college with my best friend. My best friend was older and so was always helpful with my homework on areas I felt challenged such as writing a story. At one time, I was having a hard time with an essay, which my best friend, Cam, asked me to explain the article. While explaining, he asked me to do the explanation the best way I could, and he secretly made a recording. He later played back the recording, and I managed to write a paper by listening.

            I chose this paper because writing a story has often been a challenge. Even though it was a challenge, I never gave up by admitting that I had a problem with story writing. I consider the support offered by family and friends as vital towards my future success. With practice, I managed to become better and believe in myself. Therefore, this was a personal experience that made me share my previous challenges and ways in which I turned that into an opportunity.

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