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Intelligence Report Summary

Intelligence Report Summary

Over the past decades, the United States has rapidly diversified, prompting the Americans to take two distinct paths to communicate about some of their changes. While one approach is filled with hope, the other one is marred with hate, an aspect that has resulted in the U.S losing its reputation. With such aspects being prevalent, the U.S is moving towards a minority-majority future in the 2040s. The Alt-right is one of the groups holding racist ideologies and actively killing people; for instance, this group executed approximately 40 people in 2018 alone in the U.S and Canada. The reason for such killings is because they are attracted to far-right ideologies. The factor that has resulted in Alt-rights success is because it is disaffected with white men in the early twenties and has a mirage of fantasies about firearms and violence.

Violent nostalgia is another aspect prevalent in the U.S. For instance, during the last summer, three men posing in front of an ordinary apartment killed Berg, a Denver radio talk show host. Most of these violent groups use strategies derived from older sources which can, in the long run, embark on terrorism campaigns. If something is not done, it may eventually inspire an American race war.

The Rise above Movement (RAM) is one of the organizations that bear a political twist. Having first emerged in March 2017 pro-trump rally, it reveals how certain organizations can perpetuate violence in a country. Apart from the U.S, countries such as Japan have also suffered from political prejudice. After experiencing an earthquake in 1923, the Japanese government, in collaboration with its police officers and soldiers, murdered 6,000 Koreans after getting rumors that they were poisoning and sabotaging Japanese citizens. The occurrence of such actions may lead to an increase in rage and the dominating of white supremacy. With Trump still mainstreaming hate, it may lead to more violence and hate among groups holding diverse political ideologies.





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