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In the past decade, the number of students who study abroad has been increasing (Xiaolan, 2015). People from different nations are motivated by different factors that lead them into new nations in search for an education or to pursue a degree or majors that suits them. One of the nations that have seen an influx in the number of people that move abroad to study is China. Over the past few years, China has asserted its course to regain pole position as the number one nation in producing international students (Xinyang Xuan, 2016). International students from China study in different nations mainly in the Western Nations such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Belgium, and France (Wu, 2015). The aim of this essay is to assess what motivates Chinese students to study abroad in Canada. Such an assessment is important in understanding why there is such a huge influx of Chinese students in Canada.

In a recent survey conducted on the number of Chinese students in Canada, it was revealed that there was an increase of 26% in the 2015 academic year compared to the 2014 academic year. This indicated an increase to 87,000 students who study in Canada and are imports from China. Despite the fact that majority of the Chinese students in Canada are at the graduate level, the undergraduate level has also seen a huge influx in the past few years. The influx may be motivated by several reasons as discussed below. The first reason is the increase in number of fairs and exhibitions by Canadian universities in Hong Kong and Mainland China. These fairs and exhibitions are conducted by numerous universities that are located in Canada in a bid to increase the interest of Chinese students to study within the country.

These exhibitions are attended in Mainland China and Hong Kong by thousands of students who desire to study in Canada (Wang et al. 2015). These exhibitions not only delve into the academic qualifications and competencies that are imparted to students, but also on the advantages of studying in Canada and the tourism aspects of the country. These aspects often tend to motivate students to move abroad to pursue an education. Another aspect that motivates Chinese students to move abroad to Canada is the visa application process. In the past, it was very difficult for students to receive a Canadian study visa. This was in the form of bureaucracies and stringent bottlenecks that deterred students from studying in the country. As a result, many opted to study in the United States and across different regions in Europe.


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